How To Make Delhi Safe for Women

Read the papers and you will find them full of news of ewe-teasing, rape, molestation and other crimes against women in various cities in India especially Delhi. The capital has become an urban jungle where women are prey to male animals. The crimes against women especially rape has increased and Delhi has virtually become the center of such heinous crimes.

Women give birth to new souls. They should be respected and worshiped, and not degraded in such a manner. There have been incidences of violence against foreign women tourists in the capital. Persons who do such activities should be given exemplary punishment, as they are not only demeaning women but also bringing shame on the national capital and country. The sad part in our country is that that invariably it is the victim who is blamed for sexual assault because of social prejudices. She is blamed for the provocative dresses, behavior or even her looks in inviting sexual violence. These crimes have to stop and each one of us has to do his/her bit to stop this injustice.

Some strategies for combating the problem involves, legal literacy, women cells in the police and establishing a network at grass root levels to create awareness on schemes for women. The strategy involves changes in the social set up and creating a gender sensitive environment.

The Delhi police is holding self defense classes for women in martial arts. To curb ewe-teasing police officers in casual cloths hang around indifferent areas. To improve the conditions there has to be citizen participation along with effective policing. Both men and women need to work hand in hand in stopping the growing menace.

What women should do

Women should enroll in self-defense classes, and should not depend upon the protection of men but must teach herself self-protection. Some safety precautions are:

# Never take a lift from an unknown person.

# Always carry a cell phone.

# Keep your car’s doors locked and windows rolled up.

# Carry a pepper spray or any other means of self-defense.

# Avoid dark, secluded areas.

# If alone, don’t stop even if a cop asks you to.

# If in an auto rickshaw, be sure of the way to your destination.

# Prefer a pre-paid auto booth.

# While driving late at night, try to have some cars around you.

# Ensure your car is in shape.

What men can do

Men play an important role in our national effort to stop violence against women. All men have the opportunity to serve as role models for other men and boys in regard to treatment of women and girls. Men should personally never commit, condone, or remain silent about any kind of violence against women and use their resources to support change. Through education and community teachings men must promote gender equality and build men’s capacity to be strong without being violent Men must realize that women are also human beings and should be free to live without any fear. Men and women are same in the eyes of the creator and thus there is no place for man made discrimination Boys need to be taught at a young age that using violence against women is wrong and will not be tolerated. Men can communicate this message in a strong, compassionate, and meaningful way.

Working in partnership, men and women together can make enormous strides toward changing attitudes and perceptions around domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.

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  1. Beautiful Mind says:

    lol…not only delhi, calcutta, mumbai…most metropolitans have become urban jungles… lol thats way i chose to do my higher studies in a remote village called trichy :p

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