Are Indians Hypocrites

Yes this is the sad truth. We Indians are Hypocrites in these and in many other aspects.
We worship Durga, go to Vaishno Devi, but kill our daughters before she is born(abortion). We tell stories about Rani Lakshmibai and other heroines with pride but give more importance to the males.
We raise hue and cry when a foreigner abuses Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother, but we do the same here eg. we call the people from north east India chinkies and make fun. of them.
We say that our ancient gods were dark in complexion and still beautiful, but look at the sales of fairness creams.
We wish to experience sex before marriage and then want our brides to be a virgin.
We respect Gandhi and Call him father of the nation. Our politicians lay flowers on his Samadhi. But we forget that he had said that all people of this nation should be equal and there should be no discrimination. We do the opposite by dividing the nation in castes and sects and religion and sex.
We complain about the amount of garbage lying around and then throw the chips wrapper we ve just eaten anywhere except the dustbin lying just besides us.
These are just some examples but I think are enough to hit my point.
We live in a great nation with a greater history but the future looks weak to me if we continue acting the way we are.
This is the bitter truth.

6 Responses to “Are Indians Hypocrites”
  1. Beautiful Mind says:

    there are few who revere our culture and there r those hypocrites who tarnish it…but as a coin has two sides…we have both… you see the repurcussions of the negative is felt more widely than that of the positive…maybe thats why we generalise that indians are hypocrites!Its really nice reading articles on such contemplative issues, couldnt help adding you to my blog roll…lol

  2. Beautiful Mind says:

    panthera tigris dormant??? what happened no more posts???lol…do check out pirate radio in my links…u’ll like it :p

  3. Arvind says:

    true true… i like this post but with the whole caste thing its that people are taking the wrong approach to it. caste is a symbol of a culture, of which community u belong to and what kind of background you come from but the government has used it in the worst way possible (categorizing them as forward, backward, schedule etc )… caste is something that should be used to identify you, not discriminate you

  4. Panthera Tigris says:

    @ Arvind:- Thanks for your feedback. Yes the caste system was developed to divide the work among people. But if we study ancient texts like Mahabharata and Ramayana, we see that it was not the birth but the deeds or work done by the person which determined his caste. A person born in the Shudra(Labourers caste) had the right to study texts and become a Brahman(teacher). But nowadays it is the birth of the person that has become important.

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