Have been idle for quite a while now and thats not good for my image among my fans. Therefore doing what every self centered and egoistic person like me does best. Yes, you guessed it, talk about myself. This post is dedicated to me. I have been a member of a forum for Engineers, its called Quite a cool place to hang out if you are an engineer, or deal with technology and/or are interested in engineering. So, where was I…….yep, so the management of CE asked me for an Interview which I gladly provided and they have posted me on their home page with a link to the interview. Here is the interview for all the people here who wish to read about the great Prateek Varma…ahem…

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Continuing our tradition of bringing you more about our own CEans, we bring you our editor CEan – raj87verma88 aka Prateek Varma aka Patty. Patty joined CE couple of months back and hasn’t looked back since then. He soon joined our editorial team and has been haunting CEans for our Know Your CEan section. We decided to give him a break. Our editor-in-chief MayurPathak interrogated Patty. Check it out here :-

Q: Hi Patty. You are now the associate editor of CE. Tell us more about yourself.

Patty:. Hmmmmm….lets say, age 20 years, 170cm, black eyes, black and curly hair, light brown complexion with a golden tan, athletic build……… Well as you know I am doing Mechanical and Automation Engineering. Am currently based in New Delhi. Did my schooling from Delhi. You can call me a typical Punjabi(Person from the state of Punjab for our non Indian members). I am a very patriotic person who wants to do much for his nation.

Also I love animals and birds. As a child I used to bring home any wounded bird or animal and then would take care of it. My Mother used to go mad as there were always 3-4 different animals in the house other than our pets. I have never cried even on the death of a close relative but I have cried many times seeing a wounded or a dead animal/bird. I think it is just my nature that I don’t like the company of humans much. Till the age of 11 I was alone and had only my pets and other animals, books and my music book and instruments for company(Parents away for work and no child of my age where I lived). According to astrology, I am Libra. According to Chinese I am a rabbit.

Q: You seem to come from a medical background. Why Mechanical engineering then?

Patty: Yeah, my father is a surgeon and my mother a gynecologist. My family members tell me that when I was small and people used to ask me, what I want to be when I grow up, my answer always was “I do not want to become a doctor”. When I was small I wanted to become a Train Driver and that too of a train that had a steam engine in which coal had to be fed. My mother kept on telling me that I should take medical and then do Zoology honours because of my interest in animals. But I took up Non Medical and then later gave entrance exams for B.Tech and Architecture. Got selected in both. The counseling for B.Tech was a week before the architecture one. I had decided that if I do not get admission in Mechanical then I will go for Architecture. And now I am here.

Also almost all the members of my family are in the armed forces. So I have many people questioning me why I didn’t join the forces. The answer to this question, even I don’t know. Sometimes I want to join after completing my B.Tech, and sometimes I get other Ideas.

Q: We learnt that you are a super cool football player, Well… can you tell us more about what you do apart from Engineering and CE?

Patty: Used to play for my school team. Started as a defender. In my first game, I handled the ball at a crucial stage. Though it didn’t convert to a goal but i was dropped for a year. Practiced a lot and became a better player. Later, was again selected in the team. I was playing center forward now and was later made the captain of senior school soccer team.

Apart from soccer I used to play cricket, basketball, volleyball and badminton. I have taken lessons in classical singing, tabla and piano. I also know flute, drums, congo, harmonica and trumpet. Started the guitar but left it after a month.

I write a lot and am a voracious reader. Usually prefer classics. I am good at drawing and painting and have won many prizes. Had tried my hand at a cartoon strip once. I am a foodie but do not let my body to go out of shape. I enjoy mixing drinks(cocktails and mocktails).

I have a knack of telling stories. Usually, I can make stories as I speak and the funny thing is, however ridiculous story I make many have believed them only to find out later that I was lying.

I have been hitting the gym daily for the past 3 years. Planning to start a course in kick-boxing soon.

Q: So you are also a very good actor and a bike freak. Would you like to tell us more?

Patty: Well, not really an actor. I have written and directed approximately 6 plays and two on the spot ads. Got good reviews for all. Though I acted in all the plays, but did not get any best actor awards. I was most appreciated and considered the best actor in a play which I neither wrote and nor was the director. I was the lead actor in it. I think because of the less tension I was able to give a better performance.

Bikes, what can I say. Words cannot describe the feeling. I have a Royal Enfield and have modified it as a cruiser. Used to race earlier but had an accident that kept me bedridden for 6 months with multiple injuries including a bashed face and head. Nowadays I drive fast occasionally, when am in the mood for some thrill or when am running late. I would love to own a R1 or a ‘Busa someday…..and a harley, a ducati, a bmw, aprilia, a custom chopper…..etc

I also drive cars. Wish to buy a willy jeep and a mistubishi lancer. Will modify the lancer for street racing and rallys. Later on will lave to move to porsche carrera gt, lamborghini mercielago, bmw, aston martin db9, ferreri enzo, zaguar xj220, ariel atom……..I have an endless list.

Q: Can you share some interesting moments during your school days and Engineering days?

Patty: Actually there are a lot of interesting moments. We once planned a series of bomb blasts(read fireworks) in school. We planted bombs in different toilets at precise moments such that there would be a difference of 55-75 seconds between each blast. The planning took 8 days. Out of the 9 bombs we planted 4 were caught. Someone named me and I was called by the principal to his office. After the interrogation I was freed as I didn’t say a single word and he had no proof against me. And also throughout the school I was always at war with my Chemistry teachers. All chemistry teachers hated me and vice versa. My school just conducted a blood donation camp and I went there. When the senior chemistry teacher saw me, she jumped back in horror as if she had seen a ghost and then left the school premises without donating blood. And I finished school 3 years ago.

In college once we all got drunk. I too drank a lot and was completely stoned. Somehow I managed to start my bike. A friend was with me. He was sober and offered to drive but I told him that I was fine. While driving the bike I fell asleep. The next moment my friend was shaking me to wake me as a truck was right in front of us. Though not a good incidence and I am just telling this as an example of why not to drink and drive.

I have many such dangerous incidents in my life.

Q: What made you join CE? Why do you like it so much?

Patty: I was searching for a question that had been troubling me. Googled it and one of the links was for this site. Took a look. Then in two days came back again and took a better look at this site. Found it interesting and then joined it. I like this as each day we have new questions to solve and can search for new methods and discuss them with the top brains of the world.

Rapid Fire:

Q: Describe yourself in one word.

Ans. Unpredictable

Q: Same question, Now in one sentence.

Patty: I am an unpredictable, impulsive, prone to be violent when angry, wild, good looking, handsome, charming, sexy and disorderly, rebellious, always wants to be the center of attraction kind of person…… short I am the typical Bad Boy(I have used the adjectives that many people have used for me)

Q: Who is your favorite football player?

Patty: None. The list is too long and I will not be able to select one.

Q: Who is your favorite singer?

Patty: I listen to all genres depending on my mood. So therefore my list of good singers is very long and i won’t be able to select a favourite.

Q: Describe CE in one sentence.

Patty: Somethings cannot be described but can be experienced. CE is one of them. Kudos to Biggie for starting it.

Q: Given a chance, one thing you would like to change about

1. CE: I wish I had thought about and started CE

2. This world: I would like to change the history of the world. I would like to eliminate many wrong doers(religious fanatics, terrorists etc). I wish children below 5 were less irritating(GOD! how they howl). And on a more selfish note I wish I was the supreme ruler of this world and the center of this galaxy.

3. Yourself: I wish I was a bit taller.

Q: If I ask you to recall CEans, how many flash in your mind in one second?

Patty: Big K, Mayur Pathak, Ash, Gohm, MaRo, Just2Rock, Suyash, XHeavenlyX, Mahul, KidaKaka, Prady, Van Helsing, LordEC, Pradeep, friendster7, Kulesh ….thats all. I am sorry if I forgot someones name but Mayur didn’t give me enough time.

Mayur: Thanks for your time, Prateek. It was nice chatting with you.

Patty: Thank you. I’m coming after you very soon. Be prepared!

2 Responses to “ME ME ME ME”
  1. Beautiful Mind says:

    ahemm…u dont look like one who writes branstorming articles 😛

  2. maxmayur says:

    Hey Patty, nice interview. 🙂You haven’t written any thing new for long time. Busy?

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