Some Long Words

Longest word in the world is:
It contains 183 letters and is the name of a Greek Dish.
(I wonder what people say, when they wish to order it at a restaurant)

The longest English word is:
Means, something funny and random.

Other long words in English:

Meaning: A lung disease also called silicosis.


Meaning: A genetic disorder caused by mutation in G(s)alpha gene


Meaning: A political position in 19th century Britain


From a Latin word. Meaning: the state of being able to achieve honours.

Bababadal­gharagh­takammin­arronn­konn­bronn­tonn­erronn­tuonn­thunn­trovarrhoun­awnskawn­toohoo­hoordenen­thurnuk.(101 letters)
Meaning: Thunderclap that occurs with the fall of Adam and Eve. Coined by James Joyce in a novel titled Finnegan’s Wake.

Babyoubiquitouse…oiletub: No one knows its pronunciation. It is a whooping 2,087,214 letter word and occers in a novel titled The Blah Story Volume 10 by Nigel Tomms
Meaning: Girl

“The holy Jah” is a 4.4-million-letter word in “Marienbad My Love” by Mark Leach. It is comprised of pieces of various words from the world’s faiths and means god within.

2 Responses to “Some Long Words”
  1. HallMark says:

    Good Information Raj

  2. Panthera Tigris says:

    Thanks dude. But where is your blog?

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