It seems the Political Pundits have been proved wrong and there won’t be a hung assembly this time. After a decade of unstable governments in the center, it seems we are in for a change this time. Though I am not a supporter of Congress but still I am happy that a stable government will be formed. A government formed by a coalition of parties can not do much because half the time some ally or the other is against something and will threaten to quite. So in the end, most of the efforts are spent pleasing one and other. Though Congress will not be able to form the government on its own and would require some support from others but still it is far better than the last few elections.
The other reasons for my happines:-

1) The left have got even less votes. It will show them that no one wants to buy their hypocritical views. The people are not fools. They have seen that all these left parties have done is oppose everything. They refused to be a part of the government and supported from outside. So they had no responsibility and didn’t let anyone else work.

2) BSP’s loss. Mayawati had been going around saying that she is idle candidate for Prime Minister and said that BSP will stand and win on it’s own strength. Well madam, you may think quite high of yourself but that doesn’t matter. What matters is “What others think about you?” And getting you own statues installed around UP doesn’t make you great.

3) SP doesn’t get much seats. Mulayam Singh said that if he comes to power he will abolish the use of English and Computers. I won’t say anything else.

5 Responses to “Changes”
  1. Arvind says:

    I think another good aspect of this election result is that people are starting to support the youth such as Rahul, Varun Gandhi, and those that have performed before such as Dayanidhi Maran speaking of which, it would be nice to see him become the Minister of communication and information technology and carry out the same revolution he had done.

  2. HallMark says:

    Nice one Raj…

    I think In UP… Congress got good number of Seats cause of Rahul Gandhi’s Charm..


  3. maxmayur says:

    … but there is still no concrete explanation as to why BJP lost. We know the UP score card looked pathetic just before the elections. Still we have Congress at the helm. Gosh, when will people get enough of the Gandhi Parivar?

  4. Beautiful Mind says:

    LOL.. i finally get ur name!
    Pardon me for this irrelevant comment!

  5. Panthera Tigris says:

    @Arvind: True

    @Hallmark: Well it is both true and false. There were different things working for the congress and Rahul's charm was one of them

    @Mayur: Well the congress is not a very organized party and has a lot of bad people but you have to give credit to Rahul Gandhi. The guy is working from the grass root level unlike his father who got the PM seat on a platter. Though a Gandhi, but he is working. Except him there are only a handful of good people more in that party.

    @Beautiful Mind: My name is not Raj,
    either. So you have still not got my name.

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