I have not named this post as I could not find a suitable title. You can call it an obituary if it looks like one.
My Dog had been sick for a while. Since the last two days she had been bleeding profusely and yesterday it was diagnosed a cancer. The damn thing was growing so rapidly and had a fungus type growth. It had emerged outside and had a number of pores spewing blood. And with this she is the third dog we have lost to Cancer.
We decided to put her out of the misery. She was put to sleep an hour ago. Toffee was a German Shepherd and had turned 8 on 15th of May. She had come to this house when she was about a month old. So she arrived here around this date 8 years ago and has gone today 8 years later. She came in a car and went in a car.
There is always a bond between you and a pet that cannot be described. Only those who have kept pets can understand it. If I go into every detail then it will fill pages and BlogSpot.com may crash. Well it was wonderful having her as a pet.
I know some people will say that it was cruel of us to put her to sleep instead of looking for some treatment. Well cancer has no treatment unless and until caught at an early stage. And the anti-cancer medicines are too painful for the dogs. It is like a third degree torture for them. The most kind thing you can do for them is to put them to sleep. It is the final and most dreadful duty in the world you perform towards your pet. I know how it feels as this is not the first time I have done it. Deep down that selfish person doesn’t want to let go but your rational mind says that emotions are for the weak, you have to let go and do your duty, save your pet the torture.
RIP Toffee.

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  1. Pallavi says:

    will pray for Toffee tonight and yes, i think you did the right thing by putting her to sleep. Seeing her suffer would have been a torture for you and we can't even feel what physical agony it would have put her thru if you wouldn't have done that… She came into your life for a reason, lived with you and you loved it! She moved on, and you too must now fill her space and adopt another one.

    PS:I don't think emotions are for weak, love too is an emotion.. if you loved toffee then sure, you do have a right to express your grief over her loss…

    tk godo care…

  2. Ashraf says:

    Sorry for your loss, bro =(

  3. Panthera Tigris says:

    Thank You, Pallavi and Ash.

  4. Pallavi says:

    hey Prateek.. wanted to send you an article.. drop in a line on my mail so that I can send it across to you

    hope alz good!

  5. Panthera Tigris says:

    Sure Pallavi, why not. Mail me at the following address prateek[at]crazyengineers[dot]com

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