Education… views.

“A good education should be such that it would enable us to accept another’s views without believing in them.”
We have become fanatics of our thoughts and way of life. Anyone who thinks different is outcast. We refuse to look at someone else’s point of view and force ours on them. We need to ensure that the future generations get good education, not the type in which you learn things without understanding them. But one in which you grow your wisdom and tolerance for others along with a vocation.
You first read the facts. Through it’s application you gain knowledge. When we ponder on that knowledge and ask questions, we gain wisdom.
The capacity of the human brain to learn facts and gain knowledge is infinite. It is the amount of passion and thought that we put in what we know, that will make us wise.

3 Responses to “Education… views.”
  1. maxmayur says:

    "A good education should be such that it would enable us to accept another's views without believing in them."

    Patty how do you justify that?

  2. Panthera Tigris says:

    How would I justify it? Hmmmmm….. Education should teach us tolerance, teach us to accept that there are people different than us, who have different views. A wise person listens to and understands your point of view. He/she may have different ideas and views but will not go all out against you just because you said something different.
    Suppose I believe in Philosophy A and you are more inclined towards Philosophy B. We can debate around each others views but one can not say that the philosophy I follow is the only truth whereas your's is utter crap.
    I do not believe in God and still I read mythology and religious texts. It is a contradiction but it is necessary. I can not close my eyes and ears to people who believe in god. I like to listen to their views.
    We should accept the other as he/she is instead of trying to mold them into what we think is correct.

  3. dreamysap says:

    Nice thoughts Patty :). Wish everybody could understand this simple fact

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