A City’s Voice – Part 2

And any way it was too late to think any more. Tomorrow will be another day, and with this thought in mind I went to sleep.

I woke up early today; the question was still hovering above my head like a vulture over a carcass. Anyway, I had to get ready, as I had made plans to go to the Library near Connaught Place. A couple of friends, Manish and Sahiba were also going there with me. Manish had already reached the place 1.5 hrs early and was getting impatient. According to plan Sahiba had to meet me at the Kashmiri Gate metro station and from there we would go to Rajiv Chowk (Connaught Place station) together. I took the metro to Kashmiri Gate and reached my destination in 15 minutes. There I got the information that Sahiba would be 20 minutes late, so I had some time to kill.

On any public place, you can see various people and have a chance to study their behaviour. A couple of ladies from a village in Bihar (I guessed that from their language), were absolutely terrified of using the elevator while a male with them was shouting some words of inspiration. And there were some other incidents also. Kashmiri gate station has two lines crisscrossing each other and also it is the interstate bus terminal. Naturally, the density of human population was quite high. The trains came packed, a swarm of people got out, and an equally great swarm entered.

I went one floor down, and looked out of the giant window, overlooking the bus terminal. From their I could see different people going about their business. A couple heckling with the rickshaw puller, a helmetless two wheel driver pleading with the police constable, some guys eating Chole Bhathure at a road side stall, a car driver cursing an auto-rickshaw driver…..and the list was endless. On my right hand side was the McDonalds, built inside the Kashmiri Gate station. It was full of youngsters. On my left were the stairs leading towards the two stations at Kashmiri Gate, one for the red line and other for the blue line. The stairs were full of people, everyone busy in his or her own work.

The question came to my mind again. But this time, I didn’t seem to be unsure about it. The madness around me had a strange effect. I kept on looking outside the big window, and seemed to be going in a trance. The station faded and so did all the voices. And suddenly, a euphoric feeling. I had found my holy grail. I felt like a child who had received the toy he had craved for most. I had found the city’s voice, in a place I least expected.

“Why are you talking and smiling to yourself?” said a voice

I turned towards the source and saw Sahiba standing there. I had not realised she had arrived.

“Nothing,” I said hurriedly, picking up my bag.

“You are too weird, do you know that?”

“I know. Come one, Manish is waiting.”


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