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I had an account on Yahoo a few years ago, which got hacked somehow. But, while I had the right to use it, I spent a lot of time on Yahoo Answers. Some of my answers, especially those under the Religion and Spirituality section were chosen as “Best Answers”. I am sharing the same here in a Q and A format. I haven’t edited it and it would be full of grammatical and vocabulary errors. All new questions if any will be entertained:

Q.  Who is greater, mankind or god?

Ans. Mankind is greater than god, because god may have made the world and made mankind and everything, but it is man who has the power right now to make the earth a better place to live in. The past and the future may be in god’s hands but the present is in our hands. We are the one who will make our present better. Why worry about the future which we cannot see and the past which we cannot change….live in your present and remember you are equal to and may be greater than god.

Q. Who was there first, nature or god, light or darkness?

Ans. Everything has always existed simultaneously, they all came together, they were born before time…..will end after time…..difficult to understand…..the question you have asked does not have a single answer. To answer this question all the holy books were written but everyone who read them made his/her own interpretation. There is a story that once a St. (I forgot the name) was walking on the sea shore….and was pondering over the questions which you have asked. He saw a boy who had made a small hole and was filling it with sea water with the help of a small spoon…..when asked by the St. that what was he doing the boy replied that he is transferring all the sea water in to the small pit…..the St. said that it was impossible….the boy replied that it is much easier to fill all the sea in this little pit then it is for you to get the answers of the questions you are pondering on. No, I am not telling you to stop thinking as you have the right to ask questions and get their answers. But you will not get a definite answer as the debate on the right answer for this question has been going on since man first came on earth and we still don’t have an answer that will satisfy all. It is a good thing that you are not one of those persons who just accept whatever they are told without understanding.

Q. What is the real purpose of god in mankind’s life?Is it to create hatred & all the bad things in their minds?

Ans. It is the force that is governing the movement of the universe…..the thing which the human brain has not understood is called as god……the ancient philosophers used the word god to describe the aspect of nature that could not be answered……scientists call it energy…..others have different name……..the real purpose of god in mankind’s life is to give hope to man……..when everything fails a person goes to god knowing that god cannot do anything…..but he goes to get hope……this hope makes the man do something to change his condition which he would not have done earlier….therefore god is a source of hope……even an atheist starts to half believe in god by the night……..remember a small degree of hope is enough to give birth to love……this is the purpose of god in mankind

Q. What would be the reaction of people If someone says that ” I am a messenger of god & son of god & I am here to spread peace & love in this world called earth”.? Will people accept him or crucify him now?

Ans. there are many right now who are saying this…….and all of them have many followers…….therefore this man will also have many followers if he advertises himself well…..i do not understand why people blindly follow…….yes a teacher is necessary to show you the path you have to follow but ultimately you are the one who have to walk on that path…..people nowadays expect the teacher to even walk for them…..the holy men are now making use of this weakness and are making a lot of money…..all this has become a business……you are the son of god as you have the same energy that is driving all…….everyone is a son of god…..when the people understand this truth then there will not be need if so many holy men.

Q. What is the spiritual meaning of spirit & a true life?

Ans. The force that is inside one and all and which moves this body is the spirit……when a person dies this force leaves his body… can compare the body with a machine and the spirit with electricity……the machine moves till it has electricity……you remove the electricity…the machine stops……true life according to me is the life which one lives when one is on the earth… is the life which we are living now…..some will disagree with me……but that is what I think….who knows what happens when we die….we have not seen anything and no one has returned to tell us.

Q. Why are we born in this earth and why do we die? What is the purpose of life? If God created all the living things and non living things than who created God?

Ans. Like I have answered earlier that god is a force which cannot be explained……it is the force which is moving everything and philosophers and early thinkers named it god……why were we born I cannot answer and neither there is any answer in all the holy books as they keep on contradicting themselves…..but i know that while here we can do much to make this earth a better and beautiful planet instead of fighting among ourselves as to which religion is better and other and other minor things which if we think about have no meaning……they are childish…..why we die……the best explanation is that the body tires and stops working just as a machine stops working after some years……there are many reasons and explanations but I cannot understand them and fathom their meaning…….hope you will have better luck then me

Q. What will be the choice of a person, a peaceful death of his bad ideas & bad things & living peacefully or a life full of pain & agony?

Ans. If i m given the choice then i would choose the latter option…..they are my ideas…….some may like them and some may feel they are bad but unless and until i resent my ideas and feel they are bad, i will stick to them and lead a life full and pain and agony if it comes to that……each man has his own choice……for others i can not say

Q. Who is superior , almighty god or nature & its belongings like us or jesus Or any mortal being?

Ans. A mortal human being is greatest…….because he is the one who has the power to make this earth a better place to live in…..nature and its elements and god are stronger than man but the edge man has over them is that he has the power and will to change his destiny no matter how many hurdles come in his way.

Q. What is the purpose of us i.e. living things for giving birth to a new life if god is the creator & nature is not?

Ans. Once i asked the same question and got a common answer from many people…….the answer was that god created……and he ordered all living creatures to reproduce and multiply……they said that we are following god’s will….and that we are puppets in his hands and he is making us do what he wishes us to do…..i do not know about you but i was and am still not satisfied by this explanation… quest for the truth is still on and i do not see it ending early….i hope you get your answer

Q. If god is creator of this nature then who is preserving it & who will destroy it?

Ans. Everything that has been created will end one day………scientifically the life is preserved by the sun, the atmosphere and water………the world will end when the hydrogen supply of the sun finishes……the sun will start expanding when all of the hydrogen fuses into helium……after this the helium atoms will start fusion among themselves……this will expand the sun……the sun will engulf the nearby planets which includes the earth… this time while i m writing this answer an old sun is being and a new is being formed at some place in the universe…..philosophically….god is the preserver and the destroyer……but practically we can say that right now we the humans have the knowledge and the capacity to preserve this earth for the future generation and we also have the power to destroy the whole earth courtesy our nuclear bombs and our other activities that are rapidly leading to pollution which is having adverse effects.

Q. How can a person start a third world war or bring total peace on earth?

Ans. right now a war will be as easy to start as counting from1 to 10……..there is mistrust and hatred everywhere……we are living in a room full of explosive and all we need is a spark to start it all……peace will be very difficult……first we will have to change the mindset of the people…..all of the people who are fighting are uneducated…..proper education should be given to all so that they can them self decide what is good and what is wrong, instead of being brainwashed by others……equal opportunity should be given to all to succeed…….all this will take time but is possible and the only way

Q. Does god fear the natures wrath?

Ans. most of the people will say that god made nature and therefore he has no need to fear his own creation……but i think that god and nature are form of energy…….both are same…..nature can not have any wrath….it is an emotion……emotions are shown by people who think….have a brain……… does not have a brain………..for different natural phenomenas we have different explanation……religion describes them as nature’s fury or god’s fury but i do not agree

Q. Why did god choose earth for living things in our solar system? Why he left other planets & moons blank?

Ans. for a life to sustain…..there should be a right type of atmosphere……this includes oxygen or carbon dioxide, temperature ranging from -50 to 50 degree celcius , water , and elements like Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen etc…….all this is available on earth in the desired amount……life was started with the development of a single cell……a cell is made up of N,O,C and other elements….as it further evolved new and more complex life forms were given birth to……on other planets in the solar system one or more things needed for life were absent.

Q. Which sould be trusted first , good god or a good dog?

Ans. I would chose a good Dog……it would provide with me with company and will be faithful to me……god is the energy inside me therefore there is no need for me to look outside for god

Q. who is more religious , god or one of his creations the humans?

Ans. For me the creatures on this earth are more religious……every creature including man

Q. Is every thing in nature the plan of god? If yes then why did he planned all these religions which will be the cause of total destruction of mankind from this earth?

Ans. man is responsible for his future…..those who are too weak and lazy to change their plight blame destiny and god

Q. Can a brothel be a spiritual place?

Ans. Yes

Q. Why the so called religious people r afraid of converting a brothel into a spiritual place like a temple . a mosque or a church? What if there remains no neglected people in this society?

Ans. then that will be good……brothels are considered unclean and unfit by religious people…..therefore they do not make it a spiritual place……early religions and cults used sex as a form of spiritual awakening……so you will have to revive those cults if you want brothels to be made into spiritual places.

7 Responses to “In Search of…..”
  1. Pallavi says:

    Okay answer these questions for me:

    Why do people not express their emotions? and if they do why do they limit it to expressing anger or displeasure? Wht stops them from expressing happiness/smile and other such expressions or emotions

    • Prateek says:

      There can be many reasons. Maybe the person is does not trust others easily. Maybe he/she has created a wall around their sleves and need time before they can lower it for another. Maybe they lack self esteem and are weak from inside. Maybe they do not experience some emotions. Mabe they don’t want to show the other emotions as it would not suite them. Maybe they hate the other emotions. Maybe they fear something. There can be many explanations. Each individual is different and you need to know the history of his/her behaviour before you can know why they behave that way.

  2. Mayur says:

    What takes you on the philosophy route buddy. Where is the engineer in you? I’m sure you are not that old to talk spirituality

  3. Sapna says:

    An Enlightening post 🙂

  4. Prateek says:

    @Mayur: I am a philosopher. It is quite easy, you just have to sit idle for hours and think
    @Sapna: Thank You

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