By Toutatis!!

Asterix the Gaul and his companions turned 50 on the 29th of October. They have some gall. The saying “Do not judge a book by its covers” is apt for Asterix.  One look at the covers and you will say, “that’s impossible, he cannot be a hero”, but read on and you will know there could not be a better one. Asterix was the creation of two masters, Uderzo and Goscinny.

The comics are a personal favourite of mine. I remember the first one I read, it was titled “Asterix and the Big Fight”. I went on to devour all the comics of Asterix ever written. And right now I have all the comics except the collector’s edition they launched a few days back.  The stories are fun and witty. If you think, then there is nothing great about it but still there is something that keeps you hooked. You know that Obelix will have his hunger pangs and will hunt for boars in each episode, the roman will get bashed, the pirate ship will be sunk, Cocafonix will be thrown about and everything will turn out good after a few drops of magic potion and a grand party in the end, but you still want to read the next adventure. It is like an addiction.

In his 50 years, Asterix has been a source entertainment for all ages. He has travelled the world, America, India, UK, Greece, Iceland, Egypt, Iran, Arabia, Spain, Italy to name a few. You do not have to be a French to enjoy the Gaulish heroics, neither a history buff to understand the stories.  The stories are simple and do not give out any message except a few words of wisdom from Getafix’s mouth now and then.

I don’t have much to say about them, except that the strips are just great and recommended to everyone and anyone who hasn’t read them.

Now before I start repeating myself like a busted record, I propose a toast to the Gauls. May they remain a bestseller forever.

P.S. Could you pass the boar please?

2 Responses to “By Toutatis!!”
  1. Smita says:

    Ahhh… Asterix.. The first ever comics i picked up i think.. they were an close companion to me all through my childhood.. I love Obelix (his hunger pangs are similar to mine hehehe)

    Nice post!

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