Caught in a Rainbow

This is a real life event that happened to me around 4 years ago. I am not being prejudiced about anyone so I apologise to anyone who might feel offended. During the time when I was giving my Engineering entrance examinations, I decided to give NIFT(National Institute of Fashion Technology) a shot. My exam centre was in a school somewhere in Rajouri Garden, West Delhi. The examination was in two parts, a three hour objective paper followed by a 1 or 1.5 hour break and then a 2 hour drawing exam.

I didn’t have any intention of joining NIFT; I just wanted to throw my parent’s money, so I wasn’t much excited about it and was doing some bird watching or more precisely “Chick” watching. Around 75% of the crowd consisted of the fairer sex so I had no trouble finding them. Yeah, coming back to the point. Ok, I gave the objective paper, which was of course quite easy. Now, I had around 1.5 hours to spare, and naturally I was ogling again. A girl in front of me was in a mini, which she was wearing so low, her pubes were showing. And this was just one example. Suddenly, someone tapped on my shoulder.

I was a bit startled as my train of thought had been derailed (don’t ask me what I was thinking about, trust me, you don’t want to know it). It was a guy who wanted to know the way to some place. I answered his query the best way I could, wishing that he would leave me in peace and let me drift my dream-boat in the lake of thought. But he didn’t and started telling me details about his paper, and wanted to compare notes with me. I was cursing my luck while trying hard to maintain my cool. He told me he had done his diploma in fashion and had worked for some company in Mumbai. He said he had also worked for an NGO dealing with HIV/AIDS in Homosexuals and said he could spot them from a distance, and that most of the guys in fashion industry are gay……….blah blah blah. It was hard, trying to fake interest in his jabber. I was saved by the bell, which rang just in time and the exam part-2 began.

It was a drawing exam and I finished it in time. As soon as I went out of the hall, the guy was waiting. He compared notes about the exams again. I tried to shake him off, but he was stuck like a starving leech. He said he was from UP and wanted to go to Welcome (An area in Delhi), and asked if I could direct him to the place. When I informed him that it was connected by the Metro, he asked me if I could take him to the nearest Metro station. Since, a station was going to be on my way home, so I let him tag along and we boarded a bus.

On the way, he started his talk about homosexuality again. It was a bit awkward so I asked him to stop. Suddenly, from nowhere, he asked, whether I had ever tried to have sex with another man. It was a shock to me and I replied with a firm and loud no. I guess he was rattled a bit and became defensive. He went on about how it is not a bad thing and that gays believe in giving pleasure to their partner and he had also tried it and it was a wonderful and heavenly experience and……..blah blah blah. Till then, I had tried about everything to shake of this guy except physically abuse him.

But in the end, his metro station came, I bade him good riddance and came home with an intact ass. Not a very interesting story, but it was quite an awkward experience for me. Me thinks, I will tag it under the category of horror.

5 Responses to “Caught in a Rainbow”
  1. Gaurav says:

    He He…

    Really a very awkward experience. eew.

  2. Sapna says:

    A case of mistaken perception 🙂 Your horror story makes a nice read though 😉

  3. Smita says:

    LOL… I fully sympathesize with you patty 🙂 Such an experience would scare the hell out of any person

  4. bikram says:

    he he he Seems like you did have a EXPERIENCe after all.. Nice horror story..

  5. Mayur says:

    That is a good experience. I think you had shared it on phone. But nice to see you finally coming to writing stories. Way to go!

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