New Year Resolution

I had never made any New Year resolutions but this year I wish to make one. I wish to change myself into a better human being.

Frankly, I do not consider myself a good friend. I am impulsive and prone to say things that hurt other people. Always keeping my true feelings for someone suppressed, not showing any emotions. I used to walk over others especially people that mattered, without realising that they have feelings and I might have hurt them. And my ego was too high to accept my mistakes and apologise, too proud to bow down. I lost some very good friends because of my attitude. It wasn’t that I didn’t care for them, I did, but I had created this aura around me, of an emotionally unfazed guy, who felt nothing, a rebel who couldn’t care less about anything, too cool for anyone, an elite in a class above others. I couldn’t show them that I cared, tell them that they were special. I had many people around me but still was alone. Nowadays, I am hardly invited anywhere as in my impulsive anger for trivial reasons I have severed contact with many. Only a few have remained by me and tolerated my tantrums. A few more still talk to me but keep their distance.

I made some good friends this year. And a few weeks ago, I made myself a promise that I would not treat them the way I treated others. I made a vow that I would not lose them; I will try to hold on a little longer. Bow down and accept my mistakes. I have begun to take steps in the right direction by telling the new friends that they are special. I hope I am able to do justice to their friendship.

8 Responses to “New Year Resolution”
  1. Guttu says:

    That’s nice. Nothing better than trying to build an preserve relationships. Best wishes for you 🙂

  2. Gaurav says:

    The company of people with whom you spend time reflects your development. Always have good friends and preserve them. Good Luck!

  3. Mayur says:

    I’ll suggest a new year resolution to you.

    “Just Chillll…” 🙂
    You think too much

  4. Bikram says:

    Yeah excellent thought, I have been meaning to write a article on this never got round to. But I am sure the people around you, know you by now, And I am sure with what you have written you will be the Best friend they have. All the best…

  5. snowleopard says:

    Thank you, everyone, for your kind words and support.
    And Mayur, I will try your suggestion.

  6. Saandeep says:

    Hey patty dont think too much buddy!!!

    Best friends if they really are will be with us forever for what ever we are!!

    so Chill 🙂

  7. delhizen says:

    hmm… i did miss reading this cool post! pats you indeed are a good friend to have a around..! keep that smile intact 🙂

  8. snowleopard says:

    @Sandy: Thanks buddy. Appreciate it.

    @Pal: Hmmmm…it was just something I wanted to say. Thank You for you kind words. You also keep that smile intact.

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