Red Light District

Prostitution is one of the oldest professions known to human kind and sex is rooted deep into our culture. Our mythology is full of stories about sexual escapades. The Kamasutra was written on this soil and it was our ancestors who made the sculptures on the famous Khajuraho temples that depict various sexual acts.

But we are still afraid of this subject. No, not afraid, we don’t want to discuss it. We have this mentality that if we just close our eyes to something, then it will cease to exist. Though prostitution is banned in India, Red Light areas still flourish. Everyone knows about their existence, including our Law Makers.

All the activity going on in these areas is illegal. And this poses many problems. A lot of girls from poor backgrounds are lured by their greedy relatives into this trade. They are shown dreams of a job and better life in the city, but when they arrive all their dreams are shattered to pieces. Unwanted pregnancies and poor hygienic conditions are another cause of concern. Just think about the poor child whose mother is a Sex Worker. In what conditions he/she is growing up. The trauma he/she suffers.

Another major problem is the spread of STDs. STDs are a major killer. Because the brothels are illegal, they are not checked for proper standards. There are no laws governing the working conditions of the area and about the use of safety equipments.

So, my point about saying all this is that Prostitution should be legalised in India. No one can put a stop to it, so why not legalise it. By doing so we will have the following advantages:

  • A check on Human trafficking
  • Spread of STDs will be checked
  • Improved and hygienic working conditions for the sex workers
  • Their children will have a better life and will look forward to a brighter future
  • More revenue for the government in the form of entertainment tax
  • Corruption will decrease. The touts of the red light areas pay money to the police station and local political leaders so that they are not harmed. All this will stop if this profession is legalised.

I am not saying that prostitution is a good thing and neither am I condemning it. I just mean to say that it existed before, it exists now and it will continue to exist after we are reduced to dust. By denying the fact and refusing to acknowledge it, we are being unfair to not only the Sex Workers, but their children and all the girls who will be brought into this profession against their will. Our constitution gives us the Fundamental Right “to live with dignity” But sadly not everyone is enjoying it.

7 Responses to “Red Light District”
  1. Mayur says:

    A brave attempt on a sensitive topic, I must say. Looks like journalism can be an alternate career for you 🙂

  2. Prateek says:

    Thank You. It feels good to get some feedback. 🙂

  3. Rcon says:

    i think prostitution must not be legalised.

    read this post here::

  4. ady says:

    If they legalize it we might see prostitutes getting sponsored by nike(Just do it).

    😀 😀

  5. Justin Raj says:

    Good view and I completely agree with you…keep writing!

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