“He killed her!”

The little boy was quite excited since he was going to his see his maternal grandparents after a very long time. The kid was about 6 years old and was travelling with his mother. They had boarded the Shatabdi Express from New Delhi railway station and their destination was Chandigarh. It was a 4.5 hours journey and the train was nearing Karnal. After finishing the tea and eating the sandwich, provided by the Indian Railways, the boy sat down to read his book. He was an introvert child and did not mix much with strangers. The book in his hand was title “Chandamama” a monthly magazine for children, full of stories and cartoons. After about 10 minutes, the boy began to cry. He wasn’t crying loudly but a torrent of tears was flowing from his eyes and his voice was chocked.

His mother, naturally was trying to sooth him. “What happened my son? Why are you crying? You can tell your mother if something ails you.” The people around also tried their best, but without any result.

After a few minutes, the child found his voice, “He killed her!” he said between sobs. “He killed whom?” his mother asked.

“The King. He killed a tigress while hunting. She meant him no harm and she had a small cub. Why did he kill her?”

“But, my child it is just a story. And doesn’t the king realise his mistake and take care of the cub?”

“I don’t know. Even in a story, how could he kill her?”

For the rest of the journey, the mother continued to sooth the kid and kept telling him that it was just a story.  16 years since that incident happened, the boy is 22 and still cannot fathom why people kill innocent animals without any reason. The “Save our Tigers: Join the Roar” initiative started by Aircel says that only 1411 tigers are left in the wild. That’s a very sad state of affairs. If we don’t do anything now then we would lose our national animal and the world would lose one of the most beautiful creations of nature.

4 Responses to ““He killed her!””
  1. vijay says:

    nice story i like this, can u send me these type of stories.

  2. Prateek says:

    Thanks. Well, sorry I don’t have a stock of such stories. Actually it’s a real incident and I was there and I remembered it. Now if you are looking for stories then I would suggest Mayur’s Blog. You will find the link in my Blogroll.

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