The Torch Bearing Snake

This is a very funny incident that happpened when I was in school. During our annual trip, we were taken to a place called Sitlakhet in Uttranchal, well not exactly Sitlakhet but above it. Ours was an adveture trip and we were there to rough it out. The tents were set up, and 4 people got into one tent. The first two days were fun, we used to have a campfire in the evening as the place gets quite chilly as the sun goes down. On the third night, at about 9:00 P.M. we heard a long scream, coming from the side of the girls tent and a girl came running towards us. Everyone got up. We were having our dinner and therefore everyone was sitting near the bonfire. The poor girl was alone in the tent and her face was white with horor. She kept repeating the word “Snake” over and over again. After providing her with a glass of water and calming her nerves, she described her ordeal. According to her, there was a snake in her tent, which had light attached to it’s head. Since my interest in animals was known, a few of my friends came to me and asked if there is a species of snake with a glowing head. The thought was quite funny and we went to investigate inside her tent. After some searching we found the culprit hidden in the corner of the tent. It was an oversized, glow-worm. Quite a harmless creature, who I believe was scared of her screaming and had hidden there in fear of his life. We did tease the girl for a few days after that, but the story about the Snake with a headlight still brings in laughs.

3 Responses to “The Torch Bearing Snake”
  1. The Big K says:

    He he 🙂 . I didn’t know about glow worm. Thanks.

  2. Sapna says:

    That was such a humorous and en-light-ening story 🙂

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