India Burning

13th February 2010, another bomb blast rocked India. This time the target was the city of Pune, Maharashtra. So what will happen next, let me predict:

1) A commity will be setup for enquiry into the blasts. Red alert in some cities.

2) The central government will distribute Rs. 3-5 lakhs to the kin of deceased and Rs. 1-2 lakh to those who are injured. The state government will do likewise

3) A few people will be transferred

4) Blame game will begin

5) In a month no one will remember that a blast happened except those who lost their relatives

6) We will be slack again. Come back to our trivial topics and protest the release of some movie, divide the country into castes, creed, relegion, region to gain political milleage.

7) Another blast in some other part

the whole cycle will repeat again.

We have become immune to blasts now. They are a way of life. Each time a person goes out he doesn’t know what is going to happen. We have a sword of terrorism hanging over our heads and the trouble is we have learned to live with it. Many bloggers have blamed the innefficiency of the government and the politicians. But I believe that we too are to be blamed, because we have chosen those politicians. Many good people opt to go out of the nation or do some job instead of joining politics. We need good people in politics and a strong leadership if these blasts are to stop.

Our constitution promises us some fundamental rights and the right to live is one of them. We cannot let a few fanatics take that away from us.

Our politicians are busy with their vote bank politics. They are too busy slinging mud on the opponent that they have no time for the general public. Watch the parliament channel for 5 minutes during a session and you will feel ashamed, that you selected these people to represent you in the Parliament. The way they act, the corruption and their complete disregard for the common public shows their character or rather lack of it.

3 Responses to “India Burning”
  1. Gaurav says:

    No politician cares for the common man. They are very busy filling their pockets.

    Also the 3 lakhs money to the deceased’s kin will be eaten up by men in the middle.

    We can’t do anything?
    Because even if the government commits major mistakes, the stupid people are anyway going to elect the same government.

  2. Sapna says:

    Completely agree with you Patty. It is high time we realise that politicians are accountable for their actions and we start questioning them. Instead what most people do is bribe them to get things done.

    Not electing the wrong people is as important as electing right people. It is time we ask for “I vote for nobody” option. It is even more important is stop reacting to vote bank politics. There is no point just blaming the system..

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