An Experience

Going for a movie with your family members is quite an experience especially if you haven’t seen a movie with them since the last 15 or so years. After hearing the wonderful reviews of 3 idiots my father and mother wanted to see it. I was also tagged along. It was a nice experience. But the real surprise came when the next day my grandfather and grandmother wanted me to take them out to see the same movie. It was a surprise because my grandfather doesn’t watch movies and it had been 20 years by his own calculation since he last saw a movie.

So there I was, a 20 something guy who drove a couple in their 80s to a movie hall and gave them company for 3 or so hours. There were many people who gave odd looks but I didn’t give a damn. I won’t bore the readers by the details but will just say that it was a different and good experience.

2 Responses to “An Experience”
  1. Umang says:

    😀 I can picture it! I’m sure they had fun, though… 🙂

  2. Prateek says:

    Hi, welcome to my blog. Nice to see you here. Well, sadly they didn’t like the movie but they had fun.

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