Democratic Fiasco

Yesterday we saw the ugly side of our Parliament, again for the nth time. The Women’s Reservation Bill was prevented from being presented by a handful of goons.

Yes, I am also against reservation and not just reservation for women but against all kinds of quotas, but I am also against such a form of protest. There are, I believe, more civil ways to put your point forward, than breaking mikes and throwing stones. What we saw yesterday was a complete failure of our system.

Even more shameful is the fact that these were grown mature men, some old enough to be my grandfather, elected by their people to represent them in the temple of our democratic society. And they acted like a toddler, who is throwing tantrums because his mother refused to buy a new toy for him.  Moreover, how a group of around 30 people prevented a group of about 300 from working is beyond my understanding.

I now believe that we do not deserve democracy and freedom rights. We were more united and well behaved when we were enslaved by the British Empire and later during emergency. We definitely need a stick up our asses.

One Response to “Democratic Fiasco”
  1. Mayur says:

    It was passed yesterday. I remains to be seen when it becomes a law.

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