Dedicated To You Guys

I started blogging in 2008, though I was not very serious and active first but as time went on I became hooked and now post fairly regularly. I did it on blogger first and last year in September or October shifted base to wordpress.

I have been planning to write this post since a long time but couldn’t find the courage. The only reason was that I was uncomfortable revealing my feelings. Through this medium I have met quite a few people and will cherish the memories I have with them for life:

Poornima: She was the first person to put a reply on my blog. We ended up being blog buddies for quite some time till she stopped blogging and I shifted base here. It was wonderful while it lasted. If you read this girl then know that I will always remember you as my first blog friend. “Panthera Tigris” doesn’t forget.

Mayur: Though I knew him through CE but got to know the real him through his blog. The first time I called him, I expected to hear a serious baritone, but got something completely opposite. A fun guy to know who is also very wise. It is an honour to have him in my list of friends. Though, I missed meeting him the last time he came to Delhi (my phone was unreachable when he had called), but I will make up for it the next time he visits the capital. Moreover dude, the next time you come here, you are staying at my place. Nay, you are always going to stay at my place. The doors will always be open for you.

P.S. He is also a wonderful writer and photographer.

Pallavi: I had written a guest post for Mayur’s blog and she was a regular reader of it. So we got to know each other there. She didn’t have a blog then but was kind enough to read and reply to some of my stupid posts. She became one of regular readers and from there we became friends. One of the most cheerful people I know. A wonderful human being, she has the ability to liven up the surroundings around her and has helped me lot with some of my endeavours. Though I have threatened to kill her on many occasions (usually when we didn’t see eye to eye on things), I am proud to call her a friend. I am just another person in your huge list of friends and you may never need my assistance/company/support/help etc, but if someday you do, then that day you will know how much I can open my heart for people I feel are special to me. Also you have promised me a few things and have 2 treats pending. I will be demanding all of them soon.

P.S. She is one of the most hard working people I know.

Sapna: Though a member of CE, I never knew her since she hardly logged in there. Like Pallavi I met her on Mayur’s blog under the same circumstances. We didn’t interact much until I got a call on my cell on my birthday, the voice on the other side wished me and introduced itself as Sapna from the blogosphere. A fun loving lady who lives life to the full. She loves travelling and reading. I had promised to show you Delhi whenever you come here and I will stay true to my word. Moreover since you have never seen the Himalayas, I will try and make a plan and will try to include all my blog buddies, the more the merrier. A wonderful friend to know, one of the best if I may add.

Smita: Again a CE person whom I really got to know through her blog. Along with Harshad she designed the logo for New Bloom. A cheerful person and a foodie to the core. Though I have never met her or heard her voice, I believe she is one of the prettiest persons I know. People who are beautiful from inside tend to be the same from outside (This is true for everyone whose name I have mentioned in this post).

Harshad and Gaurav: Two guys from two different states but very passionate about whatever they do. Though I haven’t interacted much with them, but they have pledged their support for “New Bloom” and I know I can count on their help. Wonderful people to know, and also damn good writers. Whenever I will remember these blogging days, you two will always have a place in my memories.

Durga: Again a friend through CE but her blog is also fun to read. She has a pretty radical cool way of expressing herself. I am looking forward to meeting her when she visits India next. We usually chat on GTalk and it is always fun. We end up discussing a variety of subjects and like me she also hates gossiping so we usually stay away from it. An intelligent and hard working lady.

Ash aka Mohamed Ashraf Husni Zai: An engineer from Malaysia. He is also a co moderator on CE. A technical genius who knows his stuff well. He writes well though most of his the posts go over my head. Cheers buddy, and remember we still have to complete the novel we began writing. And later make a movie on it.

Kaustubh aka Big K: The founder of CE his blog is one of the most visited. A good person. I don’t claim to know much about him and therefore will leave it here.

The rest of the people who have visited and have sometime commented on my blog are Vega, Sylani, Arvind, Tangyorangesour, Rajlakshmi, kidakaka, Suyash, Balal, Jyoti, Crazy, Binit, Donny, Bikram, a few anonymous people. My apologies if anyone was left. I am equally thankful to you guys, and hope I will be able to know you too, someday.

It has been a long post so I will end up here before the readers start throwing up.

Take Care.

8 Responses to “Dedicated To You Guys”
  1. Gaurav says:

    It’s really good to have an internet friend like you, Patty.

    And no doubt, I’m always with New Bloom, after all, we share similar thoughts.

  2. durga says:

    Oh! did I see my name? :P.


  3. sylani says:

    hey … u touched my heart with the gestures of yours words !! … u are so pretty & a so kind person that even u mentioned here me too…. i didn’t aspect it while reading about Mayur, Smita, pallvi, poornima, sapna, hashad & gaurav…
    … its just too much for me… what more can i say… bye n take care… & yes, keep writing n posting it… all the best to all of u lovely guys..

  4. sylani says:

    hey … u touched my heart with the gestures of yours words !! … u are so pretty & a so kind person that even u mentioned here me too…. i didn’t expect it while reading about Mayur, Smita, pallvi, poornima, sapna, hashad & gaurav…
    … its just too much for me… what more can i say… bye n take care… & yes, keep writing n posting it… all the best to all of u lovely guys..

  5. Sapna says:

    The pleasure is mine buddy 🙂 . It am really glad to see my name in your friends list.

    With your talent I am sure you would going places. Keep writing and posting!!!

    PS: It is said that “Success is 1% ability and 99% stickability”. You know what I mean here.

  6. Smitzy says:

    OMG!!! How come I missed out on this 🙂 Thanks so much patty for your wonderful words. I feel honored to have made it on this list. And you think I’m pretty?? *blush* hehehehe

    Rock on dude!!

  7. delhizen says:

    hey thanks patty for writing the ‘longest para’ about me… 😉 though you forgot to mention about my temper 🙂

    it is a privilage to know you too.. keep writing !

  8. Mayur says:

    Thanks for putting up my name and adding those adjectives 🙂

    Though we keep missing each other up every now and then even on phone. Has your semester break started? I might have some work for you in Delhi. Need to visit few colleges. 🙂

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