Random Thoughts – 2: ‘Why’

“Why?” A simple monosyllabic, three lettered word, but very powerful when used properly. This word has been on my mouth since the day I was born. Yes, I have questioned each and everything with a simple ‘Kyun’(Why in Hindi/Punjabi and many other Indian languages). This has caused a lot of headaches for anyone who has had a conversation with me, and has given me a reputation of being a rebel one who questions everything.

Am I a rebel? Yes and No. I have no problems in following rules. I stop at red lights, even if they are installed in the colony and there is no policeman around, while the rest of my fellow drivers think nothing of it and merrily jump it without blinking an eye. I wear a helmet every time I ride a two wheeler. I refrain from honking as it causes noise pollution and irritates everyone else (though sometimes I am forced to use it). I try to throw my litter in the garbage cans even when I am outside. But no, I do not follow rules blindly either. I have to know the reason for it. The Why? Why should I follow your rule? If I am satisfied with the reason, then I will follow it to the letter. If not, then there is no power in the world that can force me. Does that make me a rebel? I don’t know, you decide.

The word ‘Why’ is the essence of my being. Even though it has caused a lot of trouble for me. In school when I questioned the authority of teachers, if I believed they were being unjust. I was accused of being a psycho, a madman when I questioned the existence of God. I was bullied in school when I questioned the authorities. I am made fun of when I question the reason of others.

But has all this stopped me from asking the question? No. Why? Why should I follow something blindly? If something has been done since a long time it doesn’t mean it is right. If many people believe in an idea, it doesn’t mean it is the truth.

Yes I will question things till I am not satisfied. Call me a psycho or a madman or anything else, I don’t give a damn. I will not accept your words blindly. I have a rational brain capable of reason and I intend to use it.

Why did I write this? Maybe because of the anger that has been growing in me since a long time and I couldn’t hold it longer.

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