Of Voyeurism and Voyeurs

We have become a nation of voyeurs and voyeurism has become a form of daily entertainment. We are interested in the intrigues of the high and mighty and the gossips of the party hoppers. And our addiction to voyeuristic pleasures has reached such a high that, we now need to put cameras in a house or a jungle or anywhere else, keep some participants under 24 hour surveillance there and we call it entertainment. The news channels have special programmes for “behind the scenes” of different television shows or about a cold war between two actors. Why is it that we are so interested in knowing the most intimate details of another human being?

A few weeks ago a professor at the Aligarh Muslim University was killed. A month before that he was suspended from the university because he was a homosexual. His sexual orientation came to light through a sting operation by a media channel. Now, how did his sexual orientation diminish his status as a scholar of repute? And why was the particular channel interested in it? Did being a gay make him a bad teacher? He was a scholar and a good teacher. His job was to impart quality education to his students, which I believe he did. What he did in his private bedroom should be of no concern to anyone, unless and until it was illegal.

Reality shows are another case that strengthens my case. Big Boss, Roadies, Sach ka saamna, Khatron ke something, some jungle something, Rakhi or Rahul,s search for matrimonial alliances, even the music and dance based reality shows to some extent. All of these shows have added fuel to the fire of voyeurism. Since when did watching some rich brats trying to rough out in the slums and crib about the sweat and smell become quality entertainment?  And the SMS vote culture, in which the viewers are asked to decide the fate of the contestants is something beyond my imagination(particularly if it is a dance/music show). I mean what are the judges for?

Voyeurism has become so popular that now everyone is interested in a scandal. Since the infamous DPS MMS clip, thousands of clips have surfaced. Almost everyday people are taped or they tape themselves in intimate moments. This again is a source of entertainment and its popularity is growing rapidly. Such blatant invasion of privacy is something of grave concern.

We need rise above this low form of entertainment. India is nation of a billion people and it is hard to believe that we are so parched of creative ideas that we need to stoop to such levels. There is no dearth of entertainment if you look around. If not on television and cinema, then there are poetry recitals, cultural meetings, visits to museums, walks in the parks, art galleries, theatre, bird and animal watching, my personal favourite thinking and pondering, reading books, playing sports, gardening, keeping a pet, music performances, orchestras, operas…..the list is endless. It is hard to believe, that in spite of so many options, people engage in voyeurism and crib that there is no other good quality entertainment around and this is their go to source of entertainment.

6 Responses to “Of Voyeurism and Voyeurs”
  1. This post has resemblance of writer Charunivedita’s recent post.

    Pls Ignore my previous comment.

    • snowleopard says:

      Hmmm…. I just googled his name on your reference and found a site named charuonline. Will take your words since I cannot read the language he writes in. Or if you are kind enough and have time then could you please send me a translated version.

      • This is the link. http://charuonline.com/blog/?p=429

        Still i am not good in translation, i could not translate all this.

        Actually that is film review of recent hindi movie ‘Love Sex Aur dokka’

        But, I read your post in yesterday morning itself. And evening only i read that post.

        I am trying to blog / speak in english. Could help me regarding this?

  2. Prateek says:

    Sure why not? English is just another language and writing and speaking in it isn’t a herculean task.With practice I am sure after a few weeks, you will be able to translate the post for me. Good Luck.

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