Being Human: Part 2

Though I never intended to but I have been forced to write a post related to my earlier post titled Being Human. The main motivation for this particular post was the comment written by Mecanisme. I had written a reply to his/her comment, but thought that it could have been better. So here is a post, which can be seen as a reply to the comment.


I disagree with your point

The very essence of what makes us human is also our biggest flaw

And the is emotion, it is the opposing force to the logical powers of our brain

If a AI can be produced sophisticated enough to mimic every aspect of the human logic system without the constraints of emotion and somewhat known as … the human heart”

I have said this before on one of my posts and later also, that I believe that emotions make a person weak. But, they also make us strong. Yeah, I know I am contradicting myself. Emotions make us weak as long as we are unable to manage them and let them rule us. There are good times and bad times. Rationally speaking, all times have equal importance and nothing should deter anyone from doing a task at hand. But still we celebrate the birth of a child and mourn the demise of a loved one. A world without emotions would be perfect in a way that there won’t be any sadness and heartaches, but there also won’t be any happiness. We become stronger through our struggle, when we are faced with a challenging situation. Emotions help us develop a positive attitude towards life and also increases our mental toughness.

“This race of robots would out outperform us in every way possible. We humans would become obsolete. A flawed model destined to be recalled and scrapped”

Now this I believe is an exaggerated statement. A robot is as good as it was made by its creator. In science fiction we have seen the amount of destruction these so called self thinking bots can unleash. But is it possible in reality. I don’t believe it. The will of a human being is far stronger than the logic of any machine.

“Taking account of your example from I-Robot is preciously why robotic thinking would be superior, and here is why

Even if the little girl is saved and lets say, she does survive which is already highly unlikely. She would spend many years being a burden to society, consuming resources without giving anything back before she can repay the burden; even so, its questionable to how much she is capable to contribute back, or will she continue to be a burden i.e. unemployed? is it inevitable a highly risky burden with little predictable reward

Whilst on the other hand, saving the full grown male and an especially a particular skilled one can immediately resume his works and his contribution to society without the need for being a initial burden.

Logic dictates that it is in our best interests to save the full grown male

Our heart tells us differently, and that my friend, is what makes us weak.”

According to Mecanisme’s statement the robot was right in saving the man, since the girl would have been a leach to the society for another 15 years or so. But what if the grown man too was leach? What if he was unemployed, without a job and was just living of the tax payer’s money? On what basis will you give more importance to one life over another? As I said in my comment, even rational thinking dictates that the girl should be saved. The simple reason being she represented the future. Saving the future is more important, even if we stop looking at the emotional aspect that she was a child. I have studied and seen robots. They are fine as long as the logic embedded in them is not challenged. But once they are faced with a different situation, they become as lost as a toddler in a strip club. A human knows what to do and can use his imagination to take an innovative decision based on the situation at hand.

The basic definition of a robot is that ‘it is a software controllable mechanical device that uses sensors to guide one or more end effectors through a pre programmed path in order to manipulate a physical object.’ It does what we define it to do and is not capable of thinking and taking complicated decisions. The biggest flaw with the statement that “If an AI can be produced sophisticated……” is the word “IF”. It is an uncertain prediction, but even if such an AI is developed, it will be far below the capabilities of a human. Because we must remember that as technology grows, the mind that is creating the technology will also grow. It will not remain stagnant at today’s level.

4 Responses to “Being Human: Part 2”
  1. Sapna says:

    A very apt reply Patty 🙂

  2. libgonnaiff says:

    Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


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