Roles Reversed

There are times when an impulse takes over your ability to reason and tosses it out. It has happened many times to me and yesterday was another one of those days. Me and my friend had to get to a metro station and had been waiting for the feeder (small RTVs that have a fixed route towards a metro station) for quite a while. We decided to hire the services of a cycle-rickshaw puller. One guy agreed to ferry us to our destination and we hopped in his ride.

It was in the middle of the journey when we were about halfway towards our destination that I had a wacky impulse. I asked our driver to climb out and told him to place his gluteus maximus on the passenger’s seat. He didn’t say a thing but his facial expression, which was a combination of shock and amusement, filled in the void.

My friend took a couple of snaps which I have added here, as proof for the authenticity of my above two paragraphs. I ferried them for a short distance before I regained my sanity.

The most hilarious part of the journey was the look that the people around gave us. I haven’t seen faces with a more stunned look.

27 Responses to “Roles Reversed”
  1. Mayur says:

    Some day when you become famous, I’ll call it as a publicity stunt. As of now, I can say it must have been fun!

  2. Sapna says:

    What an idea sirjee!!!

    @Mayur: Nice comment 😛

  3. sylani says:

    hey you should to dress up properly for that “photo shoot” so that 1 can call it a publicity stunt… 😉 (hey Mayur, dont mind…plzzz)

    however, i would like to say that u have the courage for experiments in the life !

    • Prateek says:

      Thank You for the last line. As far as dressing up proplerly as a rickshaw puller is concerned, I won’t mind that either.

      • sylani says:

        hey Prateek (so this’s ur good name!)… i didn’t meant it like that. all i wanted to say yesterday that u should to dressed up in more sophisticated manner (with a good pair of polished shoes & a good formal shirt n pants or safari;
        & not as a rickshaw puller… yeah i know , u can do so. coz, as i said earlier, u have the guts of experimenting in life ! & i guess, u’ll never hesitate to go at extremes with it !!!).
        just look at what i wrote yesternight :- “hey you should to dressed up properly for that “photo shoot” so that 1 can call it a publicity stunt… (hey Mayur, dont mind…plzzz)”
        it was a light, satirical (n friendly) comment partly influenced by Mayur’s comment.
        & 1 can read it (as they say, between the lines) as : it is not fare to call it as a publicity stunt dude… instead of it, u can call it a daring or an adventurous act!
        hope this is enough for a clarification … right?!

    • delhizen says:

      @ Sylani- for an authentic feel you need dress up in a casual way… Patty knows his basics 🙂

  4. Smitzy says:

    WOW this is AWESOME!! So, how was the ride? 🙂

  5. Nishant Singh says:

    Next time do it the whole way and also ask the rickshaw guy to pay you for the ride and if possible click his photu when completely bewildered by ur reQuest 😛

  6. Raju Bist says:

    This is hilarious!
    Reminds me of this film star in my city (Bombay) who often flags down an autorickshaw in the middle of the night. He then asks the driver to sit on the passenger’s seat and drives the vehicle to the home of his very good friend, a second film star.
    The two male stars then zoom around in their locality for about 30-45 minutes, with the vehicle’s owner enjoying every minute of the ride!
    Here’s my question: Who are the two stars.

    • snowleopard says:

      Thank you for your appreciation. 🙂
      Salman Khan and Govinda I believe are the two stars. Though I must admit I had to google “Bollywood stars who drive rickshaws in the night” to get this answer.

  7. RB says:

    Aah, what would we do without Google? 🙂
    Yes, they are Salman and Govinda…

  8. I am sure he went home and told his family about this… you should give him a copy of this photograph!! 🙂

  9. Purba says:

    And how much did you charge?

  10. keerthana says:

    Looks like fun! (but only for some time 🙂 )

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