My Worst Sketch

Laid hands on a pencil after a very long time. This is my first attempt on a nude. Copied it from two sources and created one sketch. The idea of the sketch came from the story of the Bible in which the serpent tempts Eve into eating the apple from the forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden.

The face of Eve is complete but she lacks her eyes, ears and nose. Why? That is open to your interpretation.

P.S. This might also be my last attempt to make a nude, because frankly I am not happy with the result. The snake looks better than Eve and the overall sketch is crap. My worst job ever. It just didn’t come out the way I intented it to and looks more like a direct copy from a Japanese Softcore Manga.

I would better stick to animals and landscape.

2 Responses to “My Worst Sketch”
  1. ady says:

    i like this.


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