People for Ethical Treatment of Plants – PETP

We have a lot of societies that call for ethical treatment of animals. They call themselves vegans and are proud of their choice. And they look at people like me i.e. pure carnivores with disgust and leave no stone unturned into reminding us that we are monsters and deserve to be tortured in the deepest realm of hell. Well guys, there is something called free will. You made your choice and became a vegan….good for you. Don’t force me into joining your brigade.

Sometimes I feel that these people go overboard with their protests against animal products. I can understand the case against fur and leather clothing/accessories, but why, why against food. They claim that we kill animals and that the animals feel pain. Don’t plants feel pain too? It is a known and recorded fact now that plants too feel pain, they cry, they laugh….it’s just that they don’t speak.

So now, let us meat eaters join together to create a new group, called People for Ethical Treatment of Plants. Our main objective through this organisation will be to create awareness about basic plant and tree rights. We will protest against pure vegetarian restaurants and also against paper, jute, bamboo, rubber etc products and people who use them.

Plants are our friends. They provide us with oxygen, keep global warming in check, prevent soil erosion and keep the landscape beautiful among other benefits. So why kill and eat a life form that is so beneficial to us. Now, you don’t go about devouring your best friends, do you?

We will also have a radical faction for the more hot blooded members. It will be called “The Green Army”. The motto of green army will be to “Kill, clean, quarter, marinate, roast/bake/tandoor/fry/stew….etc and eat all and every hoofed or beaked or gilled life form that eats our green friends.” A few rodents, reptiles, amphibians and insects may also be added depending upon the member’s origins and local cuisine.

Stop this cruelty against the green life form. We have to take this message forward before it is too late.

8 Responses to “People for Ethical Treatment of Plants – PETP”
  1. Sapna says:

    No comments 😐

    • Prateek says:

      Frankly I don’t expect many people to like it. It is written as a dark satire, and not many people enjoy this form of comedy. 🙂

  2. durga says:

    be it dark satire or not, I think meaning of a pur vegetarian needs to be understood. Eat as you need – simple. Every living being feeds on another being for food understood. That’s a necessity , but what is all the vegan groups are conveying is ” eat that what can be reproduced- something which doesn’t involve loss of life’. Vegetarian on the first sense means that. All the parts of the plants which can be reproduced are edible. For eg: spinach leaves, tomatoes, fruits. grains. They can grow back thus don’t end up in lose of life.
    Potatoes. onions are still not prefered in many of the vegan households my house being one of them , because we believe it involves is loss of life as potato is the root.

    If you can invent anything, which replaces paper please do. Then we can save bamboo as well, I think we already have replacements for leather again plant product like cotton- which is a borne to the plant.

    All the proteins obtained from animal foods are obtained from plants as well. In fact during my last blood donation, the lady nurse who was taking blood from me commented that I have high levels of hemoglobin though I am a vegan.

    I really dont understand why any one would come up with such notions. ANyways its your blog.

    • Prateek says:

      Hahaha…..I was expecting your comment on this, because I had you in mind while writing it. It isn’t meant to harm anyone and yes I do understand the meaning of vegetarianism, though I prefer to stay a few light years away from it.

  3. Mayur says:

    In my honestest opinion, I dont think goats and chickens deserve to be treated ethically. If we dont kill and eat them, it will only take matter of years for them to overtake our population. Life expectancy (likely hood of survival) of a new born goat is the highest amongst all mammals due to their body structure, their respiratory organs and their capability to store heat inside their body.

    It is the ecosystem buddy. No matter what, people will continue to eat goats, chickens, fish and pigs. But people will certainly have a problem when some one decides to eat a tiger

    • Prateek says:

      True. But in the end it is a personal choice.

    • durga says:

      ” I dont think goats and chickens deserve to be treated ethically”

      what does that really mean? and how is any other living organism get to decide if other organism deserve to live or not?
      Everyone talks of about ecosystem. **lls to it… If eco system was really to be maintained , how come we have ended up having endangered animals and plants? how in the world are animals and plants in endangered lists and not humans?
      we have become heavily habitauted in using words like ;carbon footprint, ecosystem, earth hour et al . But we really dont have an intent to follow them. We have an intent to use them according to our requirements.

      Agrred chicken population is larger than humans, thats because they are breeded in poultry farms, they are not in wild, can you imagine yourselves being feed day and night only to become food for others one day? Is that the worth of life?

      PS:many might find my comments to be emotional, but I strongly believe I have a rational quotient put in before a emotional comment comes out

  4. Vegan Rabbit says:

    Here are my reasons why the “plant sentience” argument doesn’t work:

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