Cancer Cure Simplified – Dismantle All Research Institutes

I was with a friend who had an appointment at the Rajeev Gandhi Cancer Research Institute in Delhi when my attention was captured by a number of posters stuck outside the Super Speciality. I clicked a photograph of one of the posters and have shared it below.

English Translation:

“By the Grace of God, cure any type of Cancer in 45 days. A simple auto-rickshaw driver has discovered this cure. If someone isn’t cured in 45 days then he/she will be paid Rs.25, 000 in cash. I have cured many types of Cancer. Do come and give me a chance to serve you.”

The posters amused me and even more because of the place where they were pasted. It seems the doctors at the research institute have been foolishly wasting their precious time doing fruitless research for years, whereas a genius driver has beaten them.

Call it superstitious belief or quackery but the truth is these things are rampant in our country. And I am sure many people would be going to this man in hope of a cure. I understand that they are in tension and fear and would cling to anything they believe gives them hope, but why lose your rational senses.

My maternal grandfather died of cancer but didn’t lose his logical reasoning, he accepted the fact that he wouldn’t live for more than 6 months and planned everything according to that. On the other hand my maternal grandmother, who is a bit superstitious, sought the help of everyone from magical rings to some powders, which in her own words ‘gave her hope and a feeling that she was doing something.’ Can’t say anything against this logic and moreover my grandfather had prevented anyone from saying anything though he knew grandmother’s treatments would never have helped, but still he took them without protest.

Like I said I understand the importance of hope. But by trying to get hope from every possible way we are making ourselves susceptible to such quacks who feed on our fears.

2 Responses to “Cancer Cure Simplified – Dismantle All Research Institutes”
  1. Sapna says:

    Nice post Prateek.

    True, people who claim to treat all the incurable maladies feed on our fears and insecurities. But it does work at times. Faith and hope win over organic causes. What to believe and what to discard as illogical is very difficult when ppl are in state of mind as your grandma. When you have no where to turn to, you keep searching for some hope, no matter where it comes from.

    I have seen posters where people claim to cure anything and everything from cancer, AIDS to all the diseases known to man. But ppl falling prey to such men is not as amusing as most other instances.

    People turn to such conmen instead of their own ability for everything from jobs,profit in business to bride/groom, boyfriend/girlfriend….and the list goes on. Some like the get-rich-quick scheme, lottery and gambling feed purely on human greed.

    And this is a human element and transcends age, education, Geography…Sad but true.

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