A Conference in the Sky

After many days of scorching heat and superheated loo, we finally got a respite. It was reported that parts of the Northern plains received rainfall, and here in Delhi, a strong wind (cooler than usual) has been blowing since morning. The fall in temperature meant that the parks were more filled than usual in the evening.

I spent the evening playing cricket in the park right in front of my house, when I couldn’t stop myself from noticing something in the sky. Hovering above our heads were not one, not two but more than a dozen Kites. Some were gliding in circles while others seemed stationary, with their tail feathers being ruffled by the breeze. A couple of them performed cartwheels in mid air. Their shrill voices created a cacophony of pandemonium; but it still had a sweetness hard to describe.

One of them became tired and came and perched its tired feet on a fence, just a few feet away from where I was standing. Damn, I have never missed my camera so much; it would have been a perfect shot.

Except once near Jama Masjid, where a guy was throwing raw mutton in the air for the birds to catch; I have never seen such a large collection of Kites. Wherever we looked, we could only see Kites, no other birds were visible today, except a few peeping shyly from the tree leaves. I guess it was either a conference of the Delhi branch of the All India Kites Association or they were celebrating something. But whatever the reason, it was a sight worth watching.


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