Chaos at 1300 hrs

I am writing this post from Bangalore or Bengaluru, where I arrived on Saturday. My uncle has recently started a restaurant here, and I decided to spend my Monday there.

I woke up at around 0545 hrs to get ready for the day. My aunt and I prepared a delicious vegetable and cheese omelette (details will be posted in a later post) and I had it wrapped, since we were getting late. So uncle and I went to the wholesale market to purchase tonnes of vegetables. I was amazed at the fact that most of the vegetable vendors knew him and also knew what to put in the bag. That done it was time to hit the restaurant. The cooks and other workers had arrived, and the work started. The place was filled with the smell of masala and great food. Till 1000 hrs all the cooking had finished and the waiting games began.

The restaurant is located near the heart of the city with a number of offices around. It was quite peaceful till it was lunchtime. At 1300 hrs, all hell broke lose. Waiting customers, confused cooks and even more confused waiters, a wrong order….the place was filled to the brim and many people were waiting to be seated. A few even left. A few complaints were heard that they had ordered something half an hour ago and it was still not on their table. The washers were working overtime to ensure that clean plates were available. Had to rush to the market twice to buy more cottage cheese and curd.

This scene lasted till 1530 to 1600 hrs. We finally got time to eat lunch then. Everything went on smoothly after that. A pretty hectic day and I learned that running a restaurant is not a child’s play.

Currently I am enjoying my vacation in the city. Will write much more once I am back in Delhi. Later.

8 Responses to “Chaos at 1300 hrs”
  1. Mayur says:

    Good one 🙂

    I plan to run a restaurant one day.

  2. Sapna says:

    Hmmm.. All in a Day’s work!!!

  3. delhizen says:

    Since I have been out with you twice. I am so sure you must be sulking in one corner on why people can’t eat with fork and knife. How come they are talking while eating? And what the heck they dropped food on the table… throw them ouuuuuuuuuT

    • Prateek says:

      LOLS…..frankly it does creep me out when I look at people eating rice with their hands but to each his own.

      Pssst…did I tell you I eat Cholla Bathura, Pav Bhaji, Stuffed Parantha etc with fork and knife.

      P.S. Correction, we have been out thrice not twice 🙂

      • delhizen says:

        Don’t count the first time- I was talking to myself.. were you there, oh yes, we shared the same table..

      • snowleopard says:

        Hahaha…yeah that was quite funny. 🙂
        Lets see what happens tomorrow. Am meeting Sappy this Sat and Sunday, she has kept her weekend free. I hope I will be able to have a decent conversation and not just grunts and growls. 😛

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