Cheese Banana Omlette with caramalised sugar and cynamon powder

This was what I prepared for breakfast today. It help to be creative in the kitchen. Eggs are my staple morning diet, but I wanted to have something different. A lot of bananas were lying about on the table, so I decided to create something new.

1) Beat the egg white till it is fluffy (I took 2 eggs)

2) Add the yolks and beat thoroughly again.

3) Add Cynamon powder (A suggestion from my aunt)

4) Cut banana into slices

5) Heat oil in pan, pour the egg.

6) Arrange banana slices on one half of the egg. Sprinkle sugar over the egg. Place cheese on top of the banana slices.

7) Fold the egg

8) Eat it…..;)

Another small post from Bangalore. Each day I don’t check the blog world and read the beautiful posts by you guys seems like an year.



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