Amazing Stats

I was looking at my blog stats and I made a very interesting find. I had written a blog post on Tom and Jerry once and it seems it is the most popular of all my posts. And that post attracts the most traffic through search engines. And in the past few weeks, the number of people searching for tom and jerry has increased. Now I don’t crib about the fact that it is increasing the hit count on my blog, but I do wish to know one thing: Is this some “Tom and Jerry Month” that I am not aware of?

Posting the screen of the stats page. Look at the search engine terms and help me solve the riddle. What has caused the sudden increase in the number of people interested in the Cat and Mouse chronicles?

3 Responses to “Amazing Stats”
  1. Madhav says:

    i get more than 25 views from the post once i had posted on Mobile– “Mera Mobile”.. 😮

  2. Sapna says:

    No comments Patty…. 😐

  3. tangyorangesour says:

    curiosity kills the cat, as they say 😛

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