Board Games

Whats it with the board games that we keep going back to them. There is a board, a path divided into equal squares is described on it. Each square has an instruction. You have a piece which represents you in the game and a dice or a pair of dices accelerate you.

In this age of computer games very few urban middle and upper class children enjoy this simple pastime. Not only fun they also increase your skills. Scotland Yard and chess are pure strategy. Scrabble develops your language skills and lets you play with words. Lego blocks though technically not board games are still indoor games. You could create beautiful works of art with them. Structures and mechanical part. And who can forget the joy of completing a huge jigsaw puzzle that has a million small pieces to join together. There are many more games that I have not counted.

Of all the board games, monopoly was my favourite but alas it got beaten up because of repeated use.

Yesterday, I found the game again in a gift shop and couldn’t resist. It is laid out on the table beside me now and as always, I am the ship.

Happy playing everyone……

3 Responses to “Board Games”
  1. Purba says:

    I am addicted to word games, play the online version. Flirted briefly with Sudoku. But board games are something else.

    But now that I read your post am suddenly nostalgic about my kiddie fun days.

  2. juggler5 says:


    I just came across your blog and thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Check out my blog,!!! I blog about the beauty and artful nature of all things nerdy!


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