Two Different Days

There are days when everything goes your way and there are opposite days. This Sunday was a lucky day for me and yesterday was the opposite.

I am planning to start a home-waste composting project via New Bloom. It is called a “Khamba” and is composed of 3 terracotta pots sitting on top of each other. It sits prettily in the corner of the house and the owner has to put all degradable waste (fruit/vegetable peel, paper, leaves etc) into one of the top most counter. As the counter fills, interchange it with the middle one. The bottom counter is stationary. Add a little bit of catalyst to accelerate the composting process, neem powder and lemon grass spray to counter pests and smell respectively. Mix it regularly (it isn’t dirty) i.e. at least twice a week with a hand rake and voila…in about 1.5 to 2 months you will have a bag of pure organic fertilizer which can be used in the garden or sold. It is a completely green product and you recycle 70% of your waste at your home. I will write a post on it after I am ready to sell the product.

To start this in Delhi I had to go to Bangalore to first sign the papers that make me a clone of Daily Dump (the organisation that first started it) and get the rights from them. This was done successfully but I was not able to find any potter or a good blacksmith to make the Khambas and the Rakes respectively. But this Sunday my quest was complete. I found both and now have asked the potter to make a couple of samples for me which I will go and check tomorrow. Also this Sunday Germany beat England comprehensively. Another reason to celebrate.

On the other hand yesterday was a day of horror. My Kidney stones became active again and I was in a lot of pain. Vomiting and pissing blood, I was quite weak in the evening. I am feeling better now that the medicine course has restarted. Before that I had to drive my grandparents near INA Market to a very distant relative’s Barsi or Death Anniversary. It was a pretty boring affair. To add insult to injury my new camera has a defect and I had to send it back to Nikon for repair.

2 Responses to “Two Different Days”
  1. Sapna says:

    All the best for the new project!!!

    And yes get well soon. Wish the same for your Nikon as well 🙂

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