Kitten Tail – 2

It is official now. We have been adopted by the kitten. She came back again 3 times, after I published this post. She has decided to stay in this house and there is nothing we can do about it.

And this time our friendship extended a bit.  Like all good animal kids, she likes aking nips with her tiny teeth at everything. Right now my hands and feet are full of minor cuts and sratches, one of which is bleeding a bit. But since she has decided to be our neighbour or housemates (cats cannot be classified as housepets since they do not remain in the house forever. They move around the colony and only come back for food or to sleep), so we need to give her a name. Now she calls herself ‘Meaow’, but thats a very common name for specimens of her species.

As I asked in the previous post. Any suggestions for a decent cat name?

I was able to click a few photos this time. They are not very goood, but its the best I could do with a 2 MP mobile cam with a subject that refuses to cooperate:

3 Responses to “Kitten Tail – 2”
  1. delhizen says:

    July.. to remind you always thats when she entered your life…

    I assume its a she!!

    • Prateek says:

      She is a she 🙂
      She only came once today and brought her Black and White sister along (both are shes). But I haven’t seen them again since morning. I hope they haven’t decided to move. Cats are known to do that. They sometimes move around a lot before they stick to one place.

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