India: Going Forward into the Dark Ages

Honour killings and Khap Panchayats are the latest issues that everyone is talking about. Each day we read about parents/grandparents/brothers killing their own daughters/sisters. The Khaps support this medieval system and dispense justice of the dark ages, when reason was something man had lost.

But why isn’t anything happening to curb this menace. The answer that everyone knows is called Vote Bank politics. The Khaps control the vote banks of many regions especially in the rural north. The political parties will dare not go against them. This gives the Khaps confidence to do their will without worrying about consequences.

They claim that even science agrees with their views and that mating of two siblings is bound to produce defective offspring. Agreed, they are right here. The best example of this from the animal world is the Lion. During the last Ice Age, the population of Lion was minimal. Close relations mated amongst themselves and survived, but even after so many years, the DNA of the lion has defects that are the result of the rigorous inbreeding during the said time period.

But that is when the mates share a common DNA close to 3 generations. Just saying that the children of a village are siblings and then claiming science is behind them is utter bull crap. With that logic in mind we cannot marry anyone because it has been proven that as we go back in time our DNA converges and that all humans have common ancestors. The Khaps are just power-hungry people who need some pretext to stay in power. They need something that will make them feel important. There is a lot of competition in Caste/Religion/Region related politics, so they took the road less travelled and joined in the Khap bandwagon. These Kangaroo courts have been there since ages, it is now that they are growing like the “Fibonacci Numbers”

Such moral policing is a blot on democracy. Our constitution ensures us freedom. Each year there is a huge brouhaha during Valentine’s Day, because some believe it is un-Indian. Does Hinduism or Sikhism promote killing of female fetuses? Is it our culture to torture the brides for dowry? The same people who shout slogans during Valentine’s Day see Holi as a festival where they can molest women easily on the pretext of playing colours with them. Bloody hypocrites!!

Another problem we face is overpopulation. It is the root cause of most of our problems that includes cutting of forests that is leading to depletion of animal life, decrease in water table, pollution of all kinds, power cuts, rising number of people living below poverty line. As the number of people below poverty line increases, so does their dissent for the government. This is the reason for the rising Naxalism and some other violent movements. Why aren’t these people allowed to grow. The reason is because if they are allowed to grow economically and intellectually, the politicians will lose hold of a vote bank. They can buy votes from the impoverished people by distributing booze and clothes a few days prior to elections.

Similar is the case for caste politic. Ambedkar had a vision that in a few years after Indian independence, the special status of the lower castes will be gradually eliminated and everyone will be equal. Gandhi dreamed of Ram Rajya as the ideal Indian government.  So did many other nationalists. All of them must be spinning in their graves as one turn would not be enough. The increase in the quotas will further harm than do good.

Regional politics has taken its toll in many places. Latest one being the aggression for Telengana and Gurkhaland. I had written a post ( Divisive Policies) on the merits and demerits of creating small states last year. But it seems here again, the people leading the movements are more interested in the seat they will hold in the new state rather than focussing on development. On similar lines division based on religion is another thing that is a constant in our political scenario. Muslim candidates are fielded in Muslim majority regions, Sikhs vote for a Sikh candidate, an upper caste candidate will lose in a landslide of votes in a lower caste dominated area. It is bloody everywhere.

The third major problem that has engulfed our nation in its vicious coils is corruption. Corruption de-accelerates everything. Money released by the centre never reaches the targeted sector. It gets distributed in between. If our politicians are bad, our bureaucracy and the other red tape structure is not far behind. Why do our MIGs crash? Why do workers die when a metro pillar collapses because of lower grade material involved in its construction? Why is our intelligence so poor that we are an easy target for all terrorist attacks?

Though there are more problems. All nations have problems but we seem to be going backwards with our thinking. Each day we enter new depths. We are tumbling towards the Dark Ages.

Personal Views: We say we are a spiritual country and that is our biggest strength but what good is it doing other than just create a false sense of accomplishment. I was reading Vivikananda’s quotes. The great man said in one of them that we don’t need more religion. A starving man wants food, he doesn’t give two hoots about some religious doctrine. He said we need to educate the masses and let them stand on their feet if we want India to rise and become a great nation which she once was. I agree with him that we need to give stress on education. And when I say education I don’t mean the stuff people mug from books and then puke out over the examination paper. By, education I mean the ability to think and analyse. To use the knowledge that has been taught. A complete education that should teach not only the sciences and languages, but also how to respect law and culture of a place, how to be moral and civil and how to love your nation. An education that will inspire the future generation to perform for the nation instead of going after selfish pursuits.

2 Responses to “India: Going Forward into the Dark Ages”
  1. Sapna says:

    A very thoughtful post Patty.

  2. A very Serious post after long time.

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