The Maids Return

Since the last 4 days our maids were absent without permission or prior warning. They arrived today and the excuse was that they went to visit Vaishno Devi (A pilgrimage in the Himalayas). I haven’t been so  excited on seeing the maids at the door than I was today. The 4 days they were absent have been a torture for me. Since everyone except me is old in my house, therefore I was bound to get a big share of the housework.

It started when I was woken up early for the Kitty rescue (I have already discussed that in my last two posts). Now before I could again fall back into the world of dreams, I was rudely pulled back. The maid had not come and I had to help with chores. Now I am not a lazy person but I have a very large moment of inertia. That means when I am inert it will take more than a magnitude 8 earthquake to move me and if I do start and begun moving, there is no force that can stop me. And at that moment I was slowing down for my hibernation period (small packets in the space-time sphere when movement in and around me stops, sometimes for days at a stretch…..once I had mushrooms growing from my left ear) but was forced to  restart my engines. These sudden changes in plans are rather irksome if you ask me.

Coming back to the point, I had to restart my power mill. Since my plans had been disrupted, I was pretty irritated and so was mother. Therefore sparks were flying around the house. I was even more irritated when the chores I had to do were things i hate doing. She (my mother) should have given me the job in the kitchen, I enjoy cooking. but then everyone in my house enjoys cooking, so much so that the place is always full. Dad cooks more than Mom to be honest, and there is always a fight over who is going to cook the meal. And Grand-mom’s cooking is legendary. Everyone who has eaten at my house can vouch for the fact.

I wasn't enjoying it at all

But it was not going to be kitchen duty for me. The job assigned to me was to put clothes for washing in the machine and start it. Done, the machine was washing the dirty lot now. I was beginning to rest when I was told to clean the two water bowls we keep for birds and put fresh water in it. The one near the pigeons was pretty neat, but the one near the rest of the birds was as filthy as a Public Urinal. Me thinks the other birds should learn something about hygiene from the pigeons. That done, the MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi) van came and I had to take the garbage outside.

And then came the real blow. I was given a viper and a bucket of water and asked to clean the bathrooms. This time I was adamant about not doing it. I mean cleaning water bowls and taking out garbage is fine but I was not going to clean the bathroom. 15 minutes later the bathrooms were sparkling clean and I was wiping the sweat beads from my forehead. After that it seemed I was in a trance. And that condition I was given a wet mop and ordered to mop 4 rooms in the house.

Watering the garden is never an arduous task and I rather enjoy it but the latest rains have robbed me of that pleasure. Instead I had to make my own bed, fold my clothes, arrange the table and the wardrobe, clean the shoes and put them properly in the shoe rack….etc. I haven’t ever done any of these things ever. I mean, I never had to.

After 4 days of doing all this (I still say Kitchen work I would have done happily), finally the Maids came today. I was so excited and overjoyed to see them that I could have kissed them. But my good senses prevailed. Otherwise I would have been facing sexual harassment charges instead of typing this post.

And now I am back to my usual chores. These involve either moving heavy things or some technical odd jobs like servicing the batteries, changing the fuse etc. I think I rather enjoy these things. Though cleaning the animal dishes has been added to my daily chores list.

P.S. Will be going to Jhansi/Babina/Khajuraho tomorrow morning. Back on 12th July, night. So you guys will have four days of freedom from utter crap and useless posts that are a torture to the brain. 😛

(Picture Courtesy: Google Search)

4 Responses to “The Maids Return”
  1. Gaurav says:

    I know how that feels. I have experienced that many times before.

    Happy Journey!!!

  2. Hayaah says:

    Funny can’t be forced… U gave me some random giggles!

    Thanx 😀

  3. snowleopard says:

    @Ramesh: Thank You

    @Gaurav: Nice to see you here again. Thanks for the wishes

    @Hayaah: Thanks. Keep visiting 🙂

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