I Confess……

I was tagged by Pallavi, and according to the sacred agreement, I now have to confess some of my darkest secrets over the internet. It will be the most difficult challenge I have ever faced, but through sheer will power I hope to conquer the demons. I will be jotting down ten points:

  1. I have fallen in love once. Yes it is true and yes it was with a real girl. And I am not counting crushes.
  2. I am a shy person. I will never make the first move. The other person has to start the conversation. Many people think that I have an attitude problem, but the trouble is I am too shy.
  3. I day-dream and talk to myself. And I do that a lot.
  4. I can’t swim. It is not because I never tried. It is because I am afraid of water.
  5. I am not a very strong person who feels no pain. I am not emotionless. I feel them, I just don’t show them. I prefer not to show any emotion. I care about people, I just don’t tell. But I prefer to do things for them, without their knowing who did it.
  6. I am a complete diplomat. I can never hurt someone. So when I don’t like something, I will still say it is nice. Like wise I prefer to dodge and evade, and will only strike if all other options fail.
  7. I like cooking. I enjoy cooking. I can bake, fry, roast, barbeque…etc many different delicacies.
  8. I have trained in Indian Classical music for about 9 years and modern music for another 4 years. I am rusty because I don’t practice. I can play a few(6-7) different instruments but I can not play any string instrument. Similarly I have won awards in painting competitions….but this too I don’t practice.
  9. I always have to be the centre of attraction. Yes, it contradicts my shy nature. But, you should know one thing…..I have multiple personalities.
  10. I have been “Adam Teased” and not just one time. That is why I can empathize with women who have faced eve teasing. A group once threw chalk and paper balls at me when I was busy reading a novel in the college lawn.

That is it. Now I have to Tag people. Some guys have been tagged by Pallavi and some by Mayur. And as you now know I am diplomatic person and would never choose sides, therefore:

I ‘Tag’ everyone who reads this post. If you have not written a post on this tag before then do it now.

10 Responses to “I Confess……”
  1. BullsEye says:

    Your post suggests that you are an Angel, Why do i doubt that? I need help, Pallavi, Can you testify what Prateek is saying? πŸ˜‰

  2. Sapna says:

    Hmmm… Guess who has the bragging rights for Patty Inc.

    Anyway, The first point is undoubtedly the most interesting one πŸ˜‰ Would like to hear more about it in the future posts.

    So you keep talking to others or yourself. Bottom line is you need to keep talking all the time πŸ˜›

    Afraid of water!!!- Now thts a news

    Now pls take some time and tag ppl. Don’t show your diplomacy in that matter

  3. delhizen says:

    Patty on public demand.. your next post has to be about the lady love…! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • snowleopard says:

      @Pal and Sappy: Not exactly public, as the demand comes from only you two. Not neccessarily the next post but I will spill out a long hidden past over the blog in the coming days.

  4. Mayur says:

    Good. Good. Good. By the way you did not confess oner thing.

    “I copy Mayur and then accuse him of stealing my idea” πŸ˜›

    – Pun –

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