Harassed and Angry

I bought a new camera, Nikon P100, 2 weeks before my trip to Central India. I had been without a camera for quite some time now and this trip was a good excuse to buy it.

But the camera refused to work, when it was 5 days old. Since it was in the warranty period, I parcelled it to Nikon Service Centre where they did some work and returned the camera on the fourth day. The explanation was that the fuse inside had blown and now they had changed it.

When I tried clicking pictures at home, it showed a new problem. This time there were either lines in the CCD or the screen remained black without capturing or showing any pictures. I took it to their dealer and showed him the problem. He called the service centre and I informed them that since I would be going out-of-town in 6 days, I wanted the camera back in 5 days, starting from that day.

But on the fifth day, they still hadn’t picked up the camera from the dealer. Vivid excuses were given for each day of no work. Now, it has been 4 days since I came back from the trip. More than two weeks since the camera is with Nikon’s Service Centre and after continuous calling, reminding and speaking politely, in spite of venom brewing inside me. The camera has still not arrived and they have the cheek to tell me that they were unable to find any fault with it.

And now I am angry nay I am furious, I am raging mad,  I am wrathful. I paid more than 25K for it and seriously, this is not the kind of service I am looking for.

8 Responses to “Harassed and Angry”
  1. Gaurav says:

    I can feel your feelings. Same thing happened to me when I bought a desktop computer.

  2. Mayur says:

    This is surprising. I owned a Nikon earlier. When I had a problem, I just walked into their service center in Mumbai and they fixed it within a day. My cam had a serious issue, it had fallen down on a beach 🙂

  3. Raju Bist says:

    I have always been a Nikon fan and this is bad news.
    Talk to them again and if it still doesn’t work drag them to the Consumer Redressal Forum.

  4. Sapna says:

    Oh thats bad. Anyway you always have the consumer forum to go to if it still doesn’t work.

  5. tangyorangesour says:

    to have spent that much of money for not even a hybrid seems irrational to me …

    anyway it’ll be taken care of.. its just you landed with a lame shop owner..

  6. delhizen says:

    now that the marketing mgr of the company is looking into yr prob.. i think you shud gt your camera soon!

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