Reincarnated as a Housefly

My search for food was finally over. It was a gathering of those large hairless creatures that are a “cursed blessing”. They have a lot of food, but instead of sharing they keep trying to squash us with something when one of us tries to get near. The complex eye set comes in handy in trying to detect incoming assaults while slurping the sugary treats.

My antennae had sensed the smell of food and after tasting a few dishes with my maxillary palps, I was ready to dig my proboscis into one of the more tempting dishes. Having had my fill and wiping of the labellum with my frontal legs, I stretched my wings and cleaned them of any foreign particle. The wings are quite delicate and need to be spotlessly clean, otherwise we become off balanced.

I took flight and zoomed around to enjoy the party.  It seemed, everyone was there to mourn a death. Death excites me. I was born in the dead body of a common field mouse. I along with a couple of hundred other siblings had hatched around a week ago. And now we are quite different after growing out of the wriggly maggot stage. A dead body brings to mind the images of my growing up days. How me and my siblings used to play hide and seek in the intestinal regions. And the most important thing was; the house and the surroundings were edible.

I saw the photo of the dead person and it seemed quite familiar. I knew that face somehow. I felt it was mine, but how could that be possible? Unlike these filthy bipeds, we are very clean creatures. This couldn’t be me, but still I was remembering some images, and it seemed I was it. Vague memories swarmed in my head, creating a mist of images. I was driving, the severe pain, the light and then darkness. Familiar faces moved around, chit-chatting in groups. I was witnessing my own mourning ceremony, while inside my new body.

I focussed my hearing senses to the words that were being spoken. Since, as a fly I now had a pair of complex eyes, I was able to view everything but was unable to focus on one particular thing. So I was able to hear words, but was unable to see who said what.

“Oh God! It is so hot and humid. Why did the fool have to go and die in this time of the year? Spring or autumn would have been a better choice.”

“He was a sadist, wasn’t he? Always enjoyed making people suffer. Even in death he is doing that.”

“Haha…yes. And he was a rebel too. I remember how he used to plant bombs in school, just to spite the school authorities. He got caught many times, but somehow managed to escape each time without a punishment or warning. No one knows how he did that.”

“Frankly, I was never able to understand him. The guy was so unpredictable. No one knew what to expect from him.”

“I beg to differ. I thought he was a normal person who just wanted to be different from others. And he was a sweet person to know.”

“Sweet, my foot. I hated that guy. Always threw attitude around. Had an ego as bloated as anything. He never cared for anyone except himself. Always underestimated others, was over-confident about himself.”

“Agreed, he wasn’t down to earth but still. And moreover, if you hated him so much, why are you here? We shouldn’t badmouth the dead.”

“Yeah! Whatever. But you all know I am telling the truth……………..”

A spider, right behind. I took off. It was the jumping variety, a surprise hunter. I zoomed towards another corner.

“ Hello uncle! Sorry to hear about his untimely demise.”

“Thank you for the condolences.”

There was a moment of silence…..

“I have this strange growth near inside the mouth here. Let me show you……..haaar can oo cii it?”

“Do close your mouth and take that finger out of it. And this is not the time for consulting your medical ailments.”

“Oh sorry! Should I come in an hour? Just tell me the reason or a few medicines that might help…….hey wait, where are you going? I will pay you if that is what you are worried about. I am not a free loader. I have……..”

“Huh….They don’t even know how to respect guests…….. Hello, Aunty! My wife, she is 5 months pregnant and seems to have some problem. Could you look at her please……..Aunty?…..She is gone too. Pathetic household indeed. I am not coming here again after being disrespected so much.”

I saw the man leaving with a huff.  On the buffet counter, an aunty was greedily filling her plate with a curried dish made of cottage cheese. I fail to understand this mad fascination the “two legs” have for cottage cheese. I was once a “two leg” myself. Maybe I too was like that.

A few metres ahead there was another group.

“What do you think they will do of his motorcycle?”

“I offered the family 50K for it. The Royal Enfield is in very good condition and I would hate to lose it.”

“Yeah! He had a few other good things too. I hope they sell them. H won’t be needing them anyway.”

A few people were crying while meeting my relatives. People I didn’t even remember, ever meeting during my last life. There they stood, acting like I was the most important thing in their lives.

One claimed I was an intelligent and witty person, whereas someone else said I was boring and dull person to know. As the mouth changed, so did the words that came out. Some were just interested in their own life and were busy networking.

I was quite amused with everything and flew everywhere, while listening to gossips. I failed to notice the web and got caught in it. My struggle to free myself gave me away to the spider and she inched slowly forward. I was petrified by the approaching demon. Then I heard someone call a name…..”Prateek. Prateek.”…….it was quite faint. Yes, this was my name in my previous birth.

The spider inched closer, but started becoming hazy and the voice became bolder. As the spider was about to deliver the venom that would dissolve my insides, I was rudely woken up by my mother. It was past 7 A.M. she said and started listing my chores for the day………..

7 Responses to “Reincarnated as a Housefly”
  1. Purba says:

    The fly community blesses you from the bottom of their heart. BTW I am their designated spokesperson.

  2. Mayur says:

    Finding creativity in filth? 😛

    Nice one.

  3. Sapna says:

    I am not reading this. Pls couldn’t you think of anything other than insects!

  4. delhizen says:

    I thought you would like to be reborn as a dog… a fly for godsake!!

    • Prateek says:

      @Pal: I would love to but the scenario was that I was at my own funeral or a moerning ceremony that happens a few days after funeral. I could take rebirth in such quick notice only as an insect and as a fly because it is everywhere. A dog can be next as I don’t hope to live many days if I am a fly.

      @Sappy: It is not that disgusting.You can try reading it. The concept is a bit different.

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