The Heart’s Secret

On special demand by Pallavi and Sapna, I have written this love story. Actually, this is the first time I have written a love story. It has love as an emotional binder, but it is different. A story which has an ending but no beginning. Names of the characters were suggested by Sapna. Read on……….

Tonight was the farewell party for the school’s senior students and Yuvraj was in a lot of tension. Something was eating his mind and he was moving restlessly in his room like a caged tiger. He knew he was in love with DIya, a very good friend of his. They lived nearby and used to travel together to and from school. But tonight he had to confess his love. He had never imagined that he would ever do it but he was being forced to do it. And for this he was mad at Putul……………….

Let us move a month back. Yuvraj had been secretly in love with Diya for many years now but had taken all precautions to keep his feelings secret. They were in the same class but different sections. Even after many years of travelling in the same bus together, they never talked much till one of Diya’s friend and a fellow bus mate, Putul, was shifted to Yuvraj’s section. That had happened about 2 years ago and since then Putul, Diya and Yuvraj used to sit together in the bus. Their seat was fixed and the 20 minutes journey in the morning and the 20 minutes journey back in the afternoon was something Yuvraj looked forward, as he spent that time with Diya.

Somehow, Putul had sensed Yuvraj’s feelings for Diya and had asked him about it in class one day. He laughed it off, but she was not completely convinced with the answer.2 days later during the school’s lunch break, she again cornered him with the same question.

“You really like her, don’t you?”

“I like you too.”

“I meant in a special way. I mean, you love her.”

“How can you say that?”

“You hide all your feeling, but even you are not that good. You pay attention to each and every word she says. You remember everything about her. Yes, you did hide your feelings well, but sometimes you let your guard down.”

“I love no one.”

“Accept it Yuv. At least stop lying to yourself.”

It was an awkward silence and the moment seemed to stretch on forever.

“Yes, I do love her. But, please don’t tell her. Don’t tell anyone.”

“I won’t.”

3 weeks later and a week before the present date. School life was coming to an end and most kids were busy writing on others shirts or filling up slam books. Yuvraj, too had a load of slam books to fill. He hated doing it. The questions on it were sometimes too personal. Your secret crush, you deepest secret….etc. They won’t be secret anymore, if he revealed them. And he knew the gang of girls that had given him the slam book were good friends of both Diya and Putul. He had faith that Putul could keep a secret but he had doubts about the other girls.

In all such questions he either wrote Secret or wrote N.A. The girls weren’t happy with it but Yuvraj was not going to reveal his secrets that easily. The final school bell rang and everyone got ready to board the buses. Diya sat next to Yuvraj and her first question was about the messed up slam-books.

“Why didn’t you answer the slam books like normal human being. Always have to show some holier than though attitude. And what really is the secret you want to  protect?”

“Nothing. Nothing important.”

“Tell me.”

“I know the secret,” said Putul with a mischievous wink.

It shocked the wind out of Yuvraj and he stared at her blankly.

“You told her, but you didn’t tell me. Am I not your friend? don’t consider me a friend it seems.”

“You better tell me or I won’t ever talk to you again.”

“He will tell you, Diya. He certainly will.”

“Then he better start.”

“Give him some time. He will tell you next week at the farewell party. And if he doesn’t, I will tell you”

“A week you have, boy. And if I learn the secret from Putul, I will never talk with you again.”

Yuvraj was completely speechless. He stared hard at Putul, who had a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. If looks could kill, Putul would have had embarked on a no return journey to the otherworld then and there.

Back to the big day. Yuvraj was still angry at Putul and was hoping Diya had forgotten about the “Secret”. The party was in the evening and everyone was there by 7 P.M. The DJ was on and many had taken the dance floor. Diya caught Yuvraj and took him back.

“You have to tell me the secret. Don’t forget about it.”

“Can we enjoy the party for a while.”

“Yes, but you will tell me the secret in an hour.”

Life was hell for him now. With each passing minute, his heart beat increased like an exponential curve. An hour later, Diya caught him again.

“The secret?”

“What? The DJ is too loud.”

She caught hold of Yuvraj’s hand and took him outside.

“Now can you hear me? The secret and I am not letting you go, till I know it.”

After 15 minutes of stuttering and blubbering like an idiot, Yuvraj finally said something audible.

“I like someone in school.”

“Who is it? Is it A or B or C….etc? Tell me the name and I will help you. I know you are a very shy person. Tell me the name and I will play the role of cupid for you.”

The stuttering began again. Finally, instead of telling her he took out a card. It was from the playing card deck he kept in his pocket.

“Keep the card in your pocket and look at it when you go home. It is a hint to the name of the girl. Call me when you crack it.”

Next day, he got a call from Diya.



Long silence……

“The card you gave. It was the Queen of hearts.”


“And you gave it to me. That means I am the……”


Again an awkward silence…….

“I can’t, I am so sorry but I can’t. We have been and will always be good friends but I just can’t.”


“I have no reason. You are a very good person but I don’t know. I just can’t. I hope you understand. Don’t take it in the wrong way, please. I don’t want to hurt your feeling but I just can’t.”

“I understand.”

“You won’t cry or feel bad. Promise me.”

“Lady, I don’t cry. Yes it feels bad, but I have never shed tears and I have no intentions of doing it.”

“We will remain friends. And this episode won’t come into our friendship I believe.”

“Which episode?”

“The thing you just confessed……never mind.”

“And listen if anyone knows that I have confessed my love for you. I will bury you alive.”


“I have a reputation to protect.”

“You are a stupid fool.”

“Tell me something I don’t know.”

So this is how the story ended without ever beginning. Yuvraj and Diya have been good friends since then and true to his words he never asked her again. And Putul also remains a very good friend. Yuvraj felt bad initially but he got over it. He respected Diya’s choice and didn’t pester her again regarding it.

30 Responses to “The Heart’s Secret”
  1. Mayur says:

    This is your story! The way you have written it gives me a confirm feeling that this is your story boy!

    And I’m sure it didn’t happen this way.

    • Prateek says:

      What do you think? How did it happen, according to you?

      • Mayur says:

        I’m 100% correct in guessing that it is your story. I dont care how it unfolded. All I know is that you have finally blurted it out. Nice to see that. By the way you have generated nice bit of traffic on your first attempt at writing love stories. Perhaps now you can read some of mine? 😛

    • Sapna says:

      And I have a confirm feeling that Mayur is 200% right 😛

      • snowleopard says:

        Mayur is 5% correct. The story actually unfolded like this. I just skippped on a few days and joined a few instances togethor or gave them a complete miss. And that constitutes 5% of the story. 🙂

  2. A story should piece of life.
    No need to have Begin or end.

    But, something is missing.

    Could you guess?

  3. Please extend the story to happy ending / sorrow.

    It is a neutral story.

    at least she has to give a solid reason.
    He has to take any steps

    Has it any continuity?

    • Prateek says:

      Yuv didn’t need a solid reason. He knew the answer before he had asked the question and was prepared for it. The story has no continuity. It ends here. If he had taken more steps to persue her, he would have lost a friend. And he believes that if you love someone then it is better to let them go than trying to hold them on against their will.

  4. She has something in her mind. That is, only Yuv could understand. They didn’t disclose with anyone.
    That is why this is Hearts secret.

  5. My doubt is, whether the write know the secret or not?

  6. Please help me out in this issue.

    May be Pallavi or Sapna can help me to undetstand.

  7. You know,

    Until i read the third paragraph, i thought Putul is a boy.

  8. Sapna says:

    Nice narration Patty 🙂

    @Ramesh: Even I thought Putul is a boy.

    @Patty: Where did you get that name from . I definitely did not suggest that one. Don’t know abt yuvi but at least we all know your heart’s secret now 😉

  9. tangyorangesour says:

    putul means toy in my mother me thinking for a moment..


  10. delhizen says:

    Ahem! Finally Mr Varma has his story out for the public to read 🙂

    But kuch kahin par…. I mean, some cards are still not revealed… anyway we atleast know thrz more to you than ,’ dont you dare tell this to anyone bit’ 🙂

    @ Ramesh- what can we help you understand it’s Patty’s love story and he has written it- we play no role here, right Sapna 😉

    • Prateek says:

      hahaha…..yes finally, after so many years of keeping it a secret. 🙂
      And I cannot even threaten anyone into secrecy now. 😉
      Hope you and Sappy are happy now after destroying the reputation of an uncaring, selfish and devoid of any emotions individual, I had worked so hard over the years to build. 😛

      Tell me, what gives you the impression that I have still not revealed everything? Actually this question is for Mayur and Sapna too since they also wrote something similar.

    • @delhizen

      The story doesn’t has any message.
      The story doesn’t has any twist.
      The story doesn’t has any beginning or end.
      The story doesn’t has any contrast side of either Yuv or Diya?

      Everything fine in end.

      As far as my understanding, it is a conversation of three people in a situation.

      It may be my lack of understanding.

      That is why i have asked. What it has more than the conversation?

      I am waiting eagerly.

  11. Please Don’t take in negative way.

    I am really concerned.

    • delhizen says:

      Ok.. this is a bit funny but the point is I don’t have an answer to address your concerns. If I understand it right it’s a chapter from his school life… I don’t know what more are you trying to read out of it…

      • Thank you for your reply.

        I am just trying to find something in this story which i couldn’t describe.

        will continue in next story of Prateek.

  12. Richa says:

    I dont know if it is your story or not. But even if it is not, with your wonderful way of writing, you have made it your own.
    And what i most liked about the character of Yuvi is that he did not even ask for reasons, yet respected the girl’s decision. He comes across as a very honest n simple guy; a rare these days.

    I like stories with open endings. Now i can create a sequel to it, in my head 🙂

    Kp Up!!

  13. Mukesh says:

    Very nice Love story mate …Keep it up… Viewers would like to see some more..

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