Aimless Media

A few days ago, my mail account beeped a new mail from BlogAdda. They were having yet another contest and this time the topic was, “Is Indian Media Misusing It’s Freedom?” The topic got me thinking. It had been a while since I had seen any news channels (I prefer the 15 minutes news on the National radio or the 30 minutes broadcast aired by DD). So, I spent 3 days surfing the various news channels to ensure that my article was free from prejudices.

Yes, the freedom is being misused. With the rise of 24×7 news channels, the various channels are now more interested in TRP ratings than actual news. Journalism comes with a moral responsibility to reveal the facts. Good media and journalism plays a very important role in the country. It is a very powerful tool and that is why dictators curb the media first when they capture power.

Freedom is good but freedom without defined limits, leads to chaos. A controlled nuclear fission experiment, which works within some predefined set of limits, produces electricity and is beneficial to all. On the other hand, when the limits are removed, the same fission is called a nuclear bomb that destroys everything in its path.

Now I am not saying that the media should be censored. I am saying that it should work in its limits. Sensationalism is fast becoming an accepted norm. On an average day, most news are not worthy of being shown 24×7, so therefore news is created to fill the gaps. News  about daily soaps (something titled Saas bahu and…blah blah), live feed of celebrity marriages, breaking news of page 3 parties, predicting future using various astrological practices……etc. How do these things affect the life of the common citizen?

The thing I disliked the most was the fact that the news channels, instead of showing the facts also tell their views. Let me make my own views from the facts, I don’t need your help. They report the news but they also force their views about it on others. If the news is about some crime then you can be sure that the reporter will try to investigate facts and create a story of what might have happened, pass judgements on the people and pronounce them guilty even before the court has had a chance to view the case. In the coming days a journalist will also be the judge, jury and executioner.

5 Responses to “Aimless Media”
  1. Mayur says:

    I think blogadda is misusing it too 😛

    • Prateek says:

      Maybe. The contest has no importance for me. The last day for entering the contest was yesterday. I just had some ideas and wanted to pour them out. The contest notice oacted as a catalyst. 🙂
      But this is just a rough draft. It can be refined a lot.

  2. With great power comes great responsibilities. Hope the media understands this..

  3. Dreamer says:

    Hi, Like the nuclear fission comparison. It is kinda sad to see news channels actually giving updates about serials and reality shows, right?

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