Rain Dance

In two of my posts (Wild Side of Delhi and Spotted Dove), I have mentioned the richness of wildlife around my residence. Today during my early morning walk in the neighbourhood park, I saw quite a number of peacocks and peahens. They were roaming around in the tall grass, between the grove of Banyan and Mango trees. One of the plumed male put on a show by dancing in his full glory. It was indeed, one of the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. His steps were precise as he swayed his hips, fluttering the hypnotizing tail like a giant fan. And as the say, that it rains when the peacock dances; it is raining cats and dogs since the last 1 hour now and the sky is dark as night.

I regretted not bringing my camera along and could only get a very bad VGA quality pic from a mobile. I couldn’t go near him to get a good snap as the peacock is a shy creature and he would have stopped his dance and run for cover. In the picture I have uploaded you can only make out that a peacock is dancing.

From tomorrow onwards I am going to take my camera along everyday, so that next time such an incidence happens, I am ready for it.

Look closely and you will be able to make out the image of a dancing peacock. Not a very good quality snap but deal with it till I am able to get a decent picture.

4 Responses to “Rain Dance”
  1. Sapna says:

    Nice pic…

  2. Gaurav says:

    I can see the peacock. Beautiful!

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