Rolling Eyes

The rolling of eyes is categorised as a gesture, i.e. a form of non verbal communication in which body part(s) is used to convey a message with or without any spoken words accompanying the action. Rolling the eyes can indicate disdain, dismay, incredulity, contempt, boredom, frustration, or exasperation. Not necessary a sign of disrespect, it can mean different things at different times, depending on the use.

There is something that is bound to make you roll your eyes. For me a few of those times are:

  • When I hear politicians and/or officials speak on any issue.
  • When my Mother/Grandmother retell others an anecdote I had originally narrated and only 10% of the story is true.
  • When people act like complete idiots.
  • While watching the 24hr news channels.
  • The fact that still, people are so superstitious.
  • In a class room, due to extreme boredom.
  • When people try to prove that they are right or they are better than me in some way. You can categorise this eye roll as contempt and utter disregard of the other. Remember, I am a ‘Narcissist’.

There must be at least one thing that would have caused you to roll those eyeballs. So my question to all the readers is:

What makes you roll you eyes?

6 Responses to “Rolling Eyes”
  1. ady says:

    rolling of eyes is a great exercise that improves vision.


  2. Purba says:

    I roll my eyes in exasperation.

  3. as Purba said, in exasperation!!
    by the way this picture just creeped me out :P.

  4. delhizen says:

    When people form opinions/ pass comments without it being asked for or knowing the other person; it defi makes me roll my eyes!

  5. Jen says:

    when people lie….
    when I have to repeat myself more than three times…

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