Colours of Twilight

These were taken during my recent trip to Punjab. The Amritsar-New Delhi Shatabdi was an hour late and during the journey the twilight sky looked beautiful over the fields of Punjab and Haryana. I tried to capture the natural colours of the of the sky. The constant vibration and jolts of the moving train made the task difficult but I managed to get 4 decent shots.

8 Responses to “Colours of Twilight”
  1. drpratibha says:

    wow sunset is playing with grey and red colour.good clicks.

  2. Sapna says:

    Nice pics Patty

  3. Purba says:

    Ah the various hues of the setting sun. Nice captures 🙂

  4. delhizen says:

    Imagine Pats, you and I were travelling to the same part of the country on same date! just that our trains were on parallel tracks

    I clicked some pics too of the villages and Satluj on the way

    • Prateek says:

      It was a pretty interesting coincidence. Share the pics. Will be waiting for the mail in my mail box.

      P.S. By the way, I have got a better camera 😛

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