The Curious Case of the Nokia 1600

5 years ago I when I had just completed my schooling, I was gifted a Nokia 1600. it was my first coloured screen phone and because I had used my other phone for over 5 years and now it was beaten up and wanted retirement from services. A pretty good phone and even today is in a very good working condition. But instead of ringing in someone’s pocket, it is placed majestically on a shelf in my room. Why the special treatment?…….because this phone has been lost and then come back not once, not twice but six times.

The first time this happened was when I was on a bus returning from the gym. It was raining and the bus was jam-packed. I got down at my stop to notice and a few minutes later noticed that the phone was not there. I tried calling my number from the landline number at home. Someone picked the phone but the voice was quite cracky. Since it was early morning, I  had planned to go to the police station at around 10oo hrs. As I was leaving for the local station to lodge an official complaint. The landline number rang. It was a man who had called to inform that he had my phone. He had picked it up in the bus and because of the heavy rain, water had filled into the set. That was the reason of the cracking voice. He had seen the phone, picked it up and asked for the owner. A few people came and claimed ownership. The conductor said that he will give it to the rightful owner. But the guy refused and said that the real owner will call and I will give it to him/her. I called, he jotted down the number, called me, gave his office address and I picked up my phone from his place. And it turned out that his house was walking distance from mine and in the same block.

Second, third and fourth time was in college in first year. I have the bad habit of leaving things around. I sit at a place, keep my things (phone, keys, wallet etc) on the table, leave without taking them and then I realise it when I need them and then go on a wild treasure hunt for the lost items. During first year because syllabus is common, all branches were mixed in every class in the first semester. One of my good friends in that mixed class was a girl from computers branch whose roll number was near mine, so we were also together in labs. Everytime I lost something, it was always with her. She used to clean up after I have left, picking up the things I had forgotten and used to give them back when I remembered them and started searching my pockets frantically. And she gave me the phone back three times. I still remember her last words when we were parting and going to our branch wise classes in second semester. She said, “Without me I don’t think you will be able to do anything. I am sure you will lose all your belongings on day 1.” Her prophecy was a little bit true. A week later I lost my wallet along with my driving license and library card (since then I don’t carry a wallet) and a later I lost my costly swiss made wrist watch (I haven’t worn one since).

5th was in the playground. It slipped from my pyjama pockets and got stuck in mud. How was it located. I used my friend’s phone to make a call to my mobile. Luckily we were standing near the phone and heard a strange vibration and the mud vibrating (in those days my phone was on perpetual vibration mode, it never rang). And I picked it up, washed it and went happily home.

The last 6th time was the longest. I had taken my cousin to her friend’s house. While sitting there I realised my phone was not in any of my pocket. We searched the house but nothing. Since I had come on a bike, I feared it might have dropped. So we went home, lodged a complaint next day and brought a new phone. Things went well untill after nearly half a year went by when I got a phone call from the cousin’s friend. She had found the phone in her house. It had lodged itself inside a gap in the sofa and they found it when the covers were being stripped to make way for new sofa covers.

Since then the phone has graced the spot I mentioned in the beginning of the post.

9 Responses to “The Curious Case of the Nokia 1600”
  1. Sapna says:

    Interesting tale Patty!!! Your phone really loves you to come back 3 times( I am a bit skeptical if it actually got lost the second, third and fourth time 😛 )

    “I have the bad habit of leaving things around” – you don’t seem like a person who would do that. That was a news for me.

    P.S: Your phone definitely deserves the place in the shelf ( for the good times sake 😛 )

    • snowleopard says:

      “I have the bad habit of leaving things around” – you don’t seem like a person who would do that. – People change with time and I am a bit careless with my stuff. 🙂

  2. Joshi Mukard says:

    Hi Prateek, I’m sure your phone would not have come back to you if it was a high-end one.

    Anyway, a good phone that is, one of my favorite from Nokia. Nice post.

  3. Purba says:

    Curious case of Nokia 1600 or Prateek’s carelessness? And Joshi is right, had it been a high end model, history would never have repeated itself and you wouldn’t be writing this post.

  4. I too get my lost Videocon phone just two days ago… because of Mobile Tracker.

  5. Kartikay says:

    Haha! This was one really funny post – at your expense. You should treasure that phone – it’s seen you go through a lot!

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