“Pre-Cycling” The New Word Around

Waste management is an important issue for the safety of the environment. As our population increases, so does the waste we throw. Earlier all waste used to be dumped in large land fill sites. But now the landfills are overflowing and huge mounds of garbage are visible at these sites. Pre-cycling is a term that means recycling your waste at the source i.e. in your house. Instead of, throwing it away and expecting the authorities to do something about it.

Composting pits in rural areas which involve anaerobic decomposition of organic waste, helped in waste disposal, produced an organic compost and methane (also called gobar gas since most of the waste in rural area is composed of gobar or cow dung), which is a good fuel and can be used for various purposes.

Though possible in rural area where there is a lot of open space, this cannot be implemented in the urban scenario. Because of lack of space and the smell of Hydrogen Sulphide, Cadavarite and other gases. Lack of space is a major hindrance. The growing population in the city produces a huge amount of strain on land. People need place to live, and other amenities like clean water, schools etc. Getting new land to make more landfill site is difficult. That is why pre-cycling waste is an important concept for the urban scenario.

Most of our kitchen waste is bio-degradable and can be converted into compost. By pre-cycling it we convert that part of the garbage into compost in our house instead of throwing it away. The corporation will save a large sum of money that otherwise goes in transportation and dumping of the waste. And that can be used for other schemes.

This is our environment and we should also start taking responsibility. Leaving everything on the municipal corporation is a thing of the past. The damage being done is too large for the municipal corporation alone to control. We have to join hands with them in reducing the waste problem. By composting we save on landfill space and the excess land can be used to for other purposes. Plus, we also improve the environment. The humus rich compost improves the fertility and other properties like water retention, insulation etc of the soil

As good citizens it is our duty to pre-cycle, re-cycle and re-use things that can be instead of just throwing it away.


I had opened an NGO called ‘New Bloom’ ,dedicated to the environment last year and pre-cycling of household waste is our first project. For this we became clones of ‘Daily Dump’ who had started this in Bangalore a few years ago. The product called ‘Khamba’ is a neat, clean and easy way to convert kitchen waste in to compost. Yesterday, I was invited to give a presentation on it and the importance of composting at a local school. Decided to share on the blog some points on why we should compost our kitchen waste.

7 Responses to ““Pre-Cycling” The New Word Around”
  1. Purba says:

    How green is my post :))

    Would have preferred a pictorial guide to composting.

  2. Sapna says:

    Hmmm Patty the Environmentalist!!!

  3. Great! Very Nice job!

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