Kashmir, the land which has been described as heaven on earth is more like hell now. 60 plus years of fighting has left a big mark on the state. Pakistan and India have already fought 3 wars over Kashmir, large amount of innocent blood has spilled over the beautiful valley and it doesn’t look like it is stopping soon. Recently the situation has deteriorated even more.

Yes, the King of Kashmir joined India after we got our Independence from England and we are keeping it with us. But at what cost? The common man of Kashmir wants peace. Wants to go out of the house, buy stuff, go to work/school, enjoy without a sword hanging above the head.

Politics has ruined a lot of lives everywhere. Power is a great corrupter.

Kalmadi: How could I forget my dear friend? He has efficiently transformed the most expensive Common Wealth Games into the most expensive whatever its turning out to be. We have so many corrupt people in our establishments. Earlier I was hoping that things would turn out to be good in the end so that India would not be ashamed in front of the world. Since we already have been, now I hope that the games will be a disaster so that there will be a combing operation and inquiries from the political to the bureaucratic level. And I hope it will ensure the banishment and removal of some of the leeches that are sucking the blood of the nation.

ABC Wednesday

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  1. Sheila Vaz says:

    I hope and pray that Kashmir will soon become heaven on earth. The people have suffered enough and there should be peace and happiness in that state.
    About Kalmadi, he should be punished for all the bad publicity that India is getting and the government should punish all the corrupt officials involved .

  2. photowannabe says:

    Oh, this makes me very sad. Man’s inhumanity to man is so awful.
    Good post though.

  3. Roger Green says:

    Those here in the US cannot understand how fighting over that region can have gone on for so long. Sad. Good luck indeed.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. All K’S are facing problems but I really want to see kashmir as dharti par swarg ,the other K I don’t feel that it need any attention..

  5. i sometimes feel all this politics is too gruesome and wonder if there can be safety to common man. peace ought to be bought into the state by proper negotiation between both the parties. kashmir has suffered enough for man’s ego.
    there is hardly anything that we can do about these corrupt people like kalmadi. let’s just hope he get’s punished for all shame he brought on the country.

  6. Joy says:

    Such a beautiful place destroyed by power hungry people. The common man the world over wants peace, keep safe.

  7. Purba says:

    Kalmadi achieved the impossible…..”desh ka bachha bachha uska naam janta hai”.

    The Kashmir issue is beyond my comprehension. I have read too many conflicting versions. But the fact is they did carry out a systematic ethnic cleansing and drove all the Kashmiri Pandits out.

  8. B K CHOWLA says:

    This is my first visit and I am truly impressed with your writing.

  9. What Mr.Omar is doing there? Is he just watching the situation around?
    Kashmir is a Very Beautiful place all over the India!!
    These people are like insects killing the beauty of the Kashmir. 😦
    And coming to Kalmadi, Damn, first find out the shares of INR 70,000 crores scam of CWG.

    Anyways, as usual, nice post.

    • snowleopard says:

      Mr. Omar is just another example of how an incompetent person can come to power in a democracy but which is working more like a hierarchal monarchy.

      • Yes, Omar’s seat was the gift from his father Farooq. They won’t give chance to others.
        They didn’t done anything to the Kashmir. But, they were listed in lots of cases. Disgusting!!

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