Random: Frustated

This is a random post. I have not edited it. They are my thoughts as they came. I just poured them on paper without caring to format them.

So the judgment on Ayodhya land issue came and as expected it will be challenged in the Supreme Court by an unhappy petitioner. Is anyone surprised? I should think not. This is going to stretch for some more time. And I have doubts that the final judgment will be properly implemented. Court can pass orders but the government has to implement.

No, I am not going to talk about Ayodhya. There are many latest blog entries around the Indian Blogosphere that have opinions on the issue. I don’t want to add another.

But this year has to be one of the worst for free India. We haven’t had many positives. Every corner of the nation is burning. Naxals are wreaking havoc in the region termed as the Red Corridor. North-Eastern states are in arms. Kashmir, Ayodhya, CWG, various other corruption scandals.

Day after tomorrow on Saturday is the Birthday of the “father of the nation”. He visioned an India free from social and religious divisions, an India where every citizen will have equal rights and there will be harmony. A united India. “Ram Rajya” as he used to call it. The poor man must be turning in his grave.

An old Urdu couplet defines “zar, zameen and zan” i.e. woman, land and money to be the reason behind all fights. I think the main reason is power and the division of society. A few people in power ensure that the majority will remain ignorant and therefore gullible to whatever they say. The political leaders play vote bank politics. They do not want the people to rise. If the poor man rises and becomes successful then the politician loses his hold on them. A population that is capable of thinking, analyzing and is aware of it’s rights is a danger for them. The leaders must realize that they should come to the people. Not act like a monarch. The French revolution and even the Sepoy Mutiny of India are good examples of what happens when the rulers start abusing their powers. What is caste system if not a ploy by a few to ensure that the others never rise. The ancient caste system was not a rigid one. A person born in a Shudra family could learn the scriptures and become a Brahmin. I will quote from Wikipedia here:

Hymn from the Rig Veda seems to indicate that one’s caste is not necessarily determined by that of one’s family:

Rig Veda 9.112.3I am a bard, my father is a physician, my mother’s job is to grind the corn.In the Vedic period, there also seems to no discrimination against the Shudras later became an ensemble of the so-called low-castes) on the issue of hearing the sacred words of the Vedas and fully participating in all religious rights, something which became totally banned in the later times.

The Gita says that one’s varna is to be understood from one’s personal qualities and one’s karma (work), not one’s birth. In its initial period, the caste system was flexible and it was merit and job based. One could migrate from one caste to other caste by changing one’s profession. This view is supported by records of sages who became Brahmins. For example, the sage Vishwamitra a Kshatriya caste, and only later became recognized as a great Brahmin sage, indicating that his caste was not determined by birth. Similarly, Valmiki, once a low-caste robber, became a great sage. Veda Vyasa, another sage, was the son of a fisherwoman. Vasishtha was a shudra and he became sage later.

How did it become rigid? I believe it was the “upper class” that had power. They made it rigid to ensure that the power remained in their family. Has anyone noticed that the priestly class speaks a different language than the common people? Hindu priests recite Shlokas in Sanskrit, the Muslim Imam give the prayer call in Arabic, Pope uses Latin to converse with the Almighty. Personally I am dumbfounded by the concept of a so-called, all-knowing, all merciful, all-powerful, omni-present deity who refuses to communicate in other languages and takes regular attendance. Why doesn’t anyone question religion? Why is the words of a few men who claim to be more closer to god taken without question? A view that has been around since thousand of years doesn’t necessarily mean that it is correct. It was Buddha who brought the common man closer by teaching in Pali, which was the local language of the times.

How many people have given their life for religion. The belief that my religion is better was the real cause behind the crusades and jihad. These later religions claim that they treat everyone equally amongst their fold. I beg to differ here. Muslims are divided into Shia, Sunni, Ahmadi etc. Christians are Roman Catholic, Protestants, Orthodox etc And they are or have fought amongst themselves. In Kerala, there are different churches for lower caste Christians. Recently I read in the news that RJD is planning to please the lower caste Muslims. Sikhism was also considered secular but the recent fights between different sects last year revealed their two face to the world. And don’t let me get started on their(any religion) claim that they do not worship idols.

It would be good if people started reading and understanding all the scriptures instead of just believing the priests. Why should a person follow a religion in which he was born. He/she should be allowed to study all and then decide which path to follow if he/she wishes to follow any.

A recent news article was about a Rajput family in Rajasthan that disowned their dog because the canine accepted food from a lower caste person. With that logic the Hindus should also disown Lord Ram since during his exile he shared a meal of jungle fruit with Shabari, a Bhil woman who is technically a Schedule Tribe and hence a backward class.

In a time when some of the regions of the country are falling into anarchy and when more than half of the population is starving and living below poverty. Swami Vivekananda has said correctly that a hungry man doesn’t care for religion. With already so many issues at hand, do we now need more religion to divide us?

Many claim that only a few are dividing the nation while most of the population wants peace and is secular. I agree the people who are dividing may be a handful but it is their voice that is being heard. A few may be protesting by burning public property and disrupting routine but it is effecting everyone. Only a few cells mutate to form a tumor but if given time and left untreated, they destroy the whole body.

The nation is the body and the various parties, religious leaders, regional advocates are the tumor cells. And they have to be removed.

14 Responses to “Random: Frustated”
  1. Pzes says:

    I like this post. Doesn’t leave very much for me to say. Loss of words.

  2. Purba says:

    Well articulated….unedited random posts bring out the best in you.

  3. magiceye says:

    indeed a tough call for the citizens

  4. Sapna says:

    Hard to believe those words are random. Very well articulated…

  5. Is this a random post?
    Superb post Patty! Well written!!

    ****It would be good if people started reading and understanding all the scriptures instead of just believing the priests. Why should a person follow a religion in which he was born. He/she should be allowed to study all and then decide which path to follow if he/she wishes to follow any. ****

    Right to Freedom? I second this. It doesn’t good.
    You are talking about scriptures, vedas. OK! I think no veda told us to do like this. Its the tradition comes from our parents to us. What I feel is its the parent’s work to teach the importance and the respect of their culture/tradition or their children.
    Can we change our name Initial?

  6. a very nice post 🙂 i’ll say this post is a reflection of what every Indian dreams and thoughts.
    but as many said i’m astonished to hear it is an unedited random post. 🙂 good one.

  7. Smitzy says:

    A very well written and thought provoking article. You have a gift of expression with the right words.

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