Young Aimee was now leading the much depleted herd. She was chosen after the sudden demise of the previous matriarch Varuna, who was run over by a speeding train while they were crossing the railway line. The accident had happened a few days ago when a couple of young ones got stuck in the track. Varuna along with a few of her trusted second in command went to the rescue of the young calves. But life had other plans in store for them. The herd lost 10 member that day, 3 calves and the 7 wise women including the matriarch.

It was a tough time for them. How many times had they relied on the wisdom and leadership of Varuna. In the 50 years she had walked the jungles of Assam, she knew about all the water holes, how to dodge the traps set by poachers and knew the location of tasty treats that only an experienced elephant knows.

Aimee, though young was chosen as the next leader of the herd. It was a huge responsibility for her. The young calves were always hungry and keeping them happy was a challenge. Her sister Mira had been injured in their latest encounter with the humans. In their desperate search for food, they had crossed the line and entered the paddy fields. It was the third time this weak and the humans were armed and ready to counter attack. An experienced matriarch would have known better.

Varuna somehow always knew what was going to happen and she always seemed to tread on the right path. It was as if she was born to lead the elephant herd. Doubts were creeping into the mind Aimee. Will she be able to lead the herd in the same way as Varuna? Or will the family break down? She was recalling the last chat she had had with Varuna, a day before the accident. They were having their daily dip in the water hole.

Varuna knew that Aimee would one day be a leader and had been grooming her for that day. In a casual chat she had said this to Aimee: A leader should be able to connect with everyone in the herd. Trust is most important. Rather than through force, it would be best if you have the love, trust and admiration of the herd. A leader should be confident in herself. She should listen to everyone and also to her heart. Connecting a right balance between the minds memory and logic and the hearts intuition is very important. A leader should know where to take her herd and how to mange it. Keeping everyone together and moving on is a huge task. But one day you will have to bear this burden. Till then, keep listening and learning from the more wise around you.

The time was gone now. Varuna and the other wise were not there any more. This was what remained and some of the younger mothers were wanting to leave. Aaimee had to build trust between them if she didn’t want the family to deteriorate and her blunders were not helping the cause.

Good source of food, water and safety was what she had to provide. Going deeper into the jungle meant constant vigil against predators and poachers. But she had little option. She remembered an area in the heart of jungle that had a lake and delicious vegetation. A valley safeguarded by mountains and treacherous passes , and no man ever ventured there. It was a 15 day journey and if reached, the area would be a paradise for the herd…….

…to be continued

8 Responses to “Aimee”
  1. wow! i liked varuna’s talk on leadership πŸ™‚ nice one:) i didn’t know you wrote stories.

    waiting for the next part.

  2. umapoems says:

    Good writing!Keepit up

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    Your Vote counts for me!

  3. hey too too good! I like it very much!
    Well said about the Leader.
    So, you too write stories. πŸ™‚
    Awaiting the next part!

  4. sandy says:

    I loved it!
    You have awesome vocab and grammar skills!
    *guess I am the only one who blog more with all blunders*

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