I have known Smita Mishra aka Smitzy, the author of this post since more than 2 years now. My first interaction with her was in 2008 on CE. Since then I have interacted with her on the blogosphere, over Face Book,  via email and through GTalk. Besides being an engineer, she also likes to travel and do graphic designing. Incidentally she made the design of the New Bloom logo. A really good friend to hang around with. 🙂

Real freedom is freedom from fear.

How many times has this happened that we feel crippled and helpless in the face of a hardship? I think it’s honest to assume we all come across such situations at least once in our lives. At that point of time, either one can be gutsy to accept the consequences of his/her actions or live in the fear of things going wrong. Not everyone can be courageous in the face of such state of affairs. Mostly because we are all so happy with the way our orderly lives are going on and we dread the intrusion of any factor that would disturb this peace.

Shit happens to everyone. It may be a component of someone’s past, present or immediate future. It may be actions taken rashly which one lives to regret the rest of his/her life. It maybe a not so well thought out decision that threatens to ruin someone’s future. But till when can one struggle this way? It sounds hypocritical of us when we say we are living in a “free” society, when we can’t use our voice to fight our own demons. I’m not talking about societal problems. I’m not talking about cultural problems. I’m talking about finding the nerve to address the personal upheavals in our life.

People describe themselves as carefree; they don’t give two hoots to the world. However, how many of them can really be this carefree when an adversity is staring them in the eye and threatening to destroy every good thing they have built in their lives? The fear of losing respect, of losing love, of hurting people around them is so overpowering that this apprehension dictates their life. It gets hard to breathe when one even starts imagining their picture perfect world getting disturbed. And so, to live, to breathe, one lets the panic govern how each day passes.

There’s no better satisfaction than the realization that the person in front can be intimidated by mere cruel foreplay of words. Under such circumstances, it is easy to get swept away and end up doing things which one may have promised they would never do under any circumstance. That would be a test of one’s fortitude, I guess, as to how much can one ignore the jibes. It is not easy to do it but the moment one puts his foot down saying enough is enough serves as the shut up call which fear truly deserves.

True freedom doesn’t lie in annual celebrations or remembering that we live in a free country. It’s facing ones fears head on. If one does actions in the past consciously or unknowingly which they are not proud of, they should be fearless to face the music too. Only then can one leave the unpleasantness behind and try to make sense out of his/her life. Allowing fear to control your life is like knowingly sitting in a bus with malfunctioning brakes. You know the ultimate worst thing that may happen, you pass every moment dreading it and in the process you can’t enjoy the beautiful scenery flashing past your window.

Find the courage within. Fight your demons. Life is beautiful, love it, live it and cherish it!
15 Responses to “FREEDOM”
  1. BullsEye says:

    Very Well written Smita, You are right we are too cozy n comfortable in lives to care for things that dont have direct impact. But than we live in a society, a country and a world, so whatever is going on will have a impact on us someway or other. So if we decide to be stringent in getting our actions and decisions right, it will project at higher level (society,country, world) as well. Really like the way with words in the post.
    @Prateek – So the celebrations begin.

    • Smitzy says:

      Thank you Bullseye 🙂 I’m glad my point reached you unscathed. However, I’m not always this serious in my posts. Ask Patty, he’ll tell you.

      @Patty: YAY!! mine was the first post 😀 (ok sobering down) congratulations for the kick start to celebrations! 🙂

  2. Sapna says:

    Very well written Smita…

  3. madhumitha says:

    nice article smitha…

    “True freedom doesn’t lie in annual celebrations or remembering that we live in a free country. It’s facing ones fears head on.” very true 🙂

    a nice start snow leopard.

    looking forward to other guest posts 🙂

  4. Mayur says:

    “There’s no better satisfaction than the realization that the person in front can be intimidated by mere cruel foreplay of words. ”

    Good one Smita. I guess this explains why always the brainy people rule the world and not the ones who have all the arms and ammunitions. I guess this explains why terrorism spreads so easily.

    • Smitzy says:

      As far as I remember, world domination was one of our mutual interests (your’s, patty’s and mine too) 🙂
      Jokes apart, yes I truly stand by what I wrote. It is so easy to manipulate people just with threats because we allow to get manipulated. Trying to be courageous and being courageous are two different things. I guess, only the person who has nothing to lose can truly be courageous of that level.

      Thanks Mayur 🙂

  5. Superb Post!! Very Well Written!!

  6. hey cool ! nice post smitha. 🙂
    looking forward to other guest posts 🙂

  7. delhizen says:

    This is like re-living the reality which I face at times; yep, you are right one needs to fight fear. Getting swayed by emotions and giving in for the sake of others at times is an easy way out to get going with ‘peace’ in life. Like someone told me recently leaving by the rules of others is easy, they say you are free and independent to take your own decisions but control every bit of it- have the courage to fight that in the right manner… The art is to be firm in defining your freedom and not taking charge of it by aggression!

    Neat post Smitz, hope things are coming along well for you.

    Congrats on the Anniv celebrations Pats

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