I have known Mayur since more than 2 years now. We first interacted at CE when I had applied for the post of Associate Editor and he was the Chief Editor. I didn’t know he was a famous blogger till people started telling me. And yes he was quite big on the blogging world and had gathered a dedicated fan following with his ‘Love Stories’. But now he writes stories of almost all genres.  A good man, future business giant and a name that might be in the Booker list some day. 🙂
I have a prejudice that I hold prejudices about people who are prejudiced about other people, especially strangers. Confused? The sentence is meant to confuse you. And now you have a prejudice that I’m a confusing and complex person, pretty much like the owner of this blog 🙂
Well the post is not about you being prejudiced. The post is about me and my so called ability to identify people with preconceived notions. As a teenager I took pride in saying that I could guess how the other person is just by looking at him/her or by talking just once. It took few years of little time for me to realise that they were actually my prejudices.
For example, I have a prejudice that every man with a bony structure, little grey hair on the temple and wearing a narrow metal frame is a ‘Khadus’ guy. (For the American Desis reading this blog, let me tell you that Khadus exactly means tempestuous, a man with angry or violent traits.) Whenever I think of them, I think of an angry looking short skinny man who (still) drives a Padmini car, is probably is a retired professor, bank employee or an army man, who hates traffic and who has a good looking daughter. 🙂  You, or rather I invariably run into them either on the highway, a busy signal or in the parking lot of housing societies. Mostly it is nobody’s fault. But generally it is your fault. You (or I) irk them by showing your “Chalta hai Uncle” attitude. And then the argument ends with a “Maa Baap ne kuchh sikhaya nahi hai!” or a “Aaj kal ke bigde huve ladke, na akal na tameez” sentence. I have seen a modern version of these ‘Devil wears grey shirt’ types driving an Alto as well. Another observation; if you are in Mumbai/Pune, such people will be Marathi Brahmins or Tamil Brahmins. I know it might not be always true. But I can bet that the last time any of you ran into an uncle, he surely should fit the description above. And it is my prejudice anyway!
Next, let us talk about girls. I like talking about girls. But I dont like talking about those girls who like being talked about. I’m sure you were not confused by the sentence. Because such girls dont confuse, they infuse 🙂
Example again, all of us either go to college, have recently passed out of the college or are working some where. The observation is the same every where. Because females, at any age, are mostly same. So I will invariably run into at least one of these who likes to flaunt. So there will be a pony tucked really up, hair flying around even in the absence of a fan or wind, index finger making rounds of the zulfe, a shirt or a blouse little too tight and eyes who look at none (yet observe every one). Do you remember spotting some one like that? They generally have a fan following around. There will be some one who will praise them for the neat (read tight) looking shirt, some one who will go and talk to them. Some one who will always offer to drop them, buy coffee and snacks for them. But such females will pay heed to no one’s advances, except when they need some thing. Most of such opportunistic chicks like being talked about. But they are hard to identify exactly. So I apply my prejudice and stay away from any one who fits the above description. They say, Precaution is better than cure. I believe them 🙂
Alright I think I have written a little too much. I have a prejudice that if the post is more than 4 paras, readers tend to get bored unless if it is about a scandal or if they are being paid to do so. So I must stop here and let the readers make their own prejudices about me.
Thanks for the opportunity Patty!
6 Responses to “Prejudice”
  1. Pzes says:

    I’m really glad I read this post.
    I share the same prejudice that blogposts shouldn’t be longer than 4-5 paragraphs.

    Another prejudice I have is about men, who are prejudiced about some women whom they typecast. 😉 The point I’m trying to make is that women tend to behave and dress like the rest because of this “herd mentality”. It could even be because they want to blend into the environment easily.
    So, I think the prejudice that they are all similar, needs to change. 🙂 Give the ladies a break!

    • Mayur says:

      You had the break lady! 🙂
      Excuse me for type casting all women. However you just said that girls go with herd mentality. So if I typecast one, the others get type casted automatically. Because they are following the herd mentality… you see. 😉

  2. Mayur says:

    Thanks for the generous intro Patty. However looking at other people’s posts, I think mine looks a very stupid one and that too out of place. All I wanted to do was add some humour.

  3. durga says:

    what was that thing about girls??
    if that is the case, I shall end up type casting all males as egoistic morons,but I wont.

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